Whats out there and where does it come from?

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PostFri Feb 20, 2009 1:41 pm » by Blackbarbie

Hi i've just been thinking while scrolling through videos and it just came across me.
Does any1 else think that back in ancient times the 'gods' were actually ufos?
i mean there's plenty of stories about them coming down. And it would explain why gods are in the sky and why we still believe today. Also it would explain the pyramids how they all equal py and also how the sphinx has got a secret button behind its left ear, if that's true. (im going to egypt so ill have a look with binoculars lol.)
Also i wanted to know if any1 had any information on whats behind space?? like any scientific theories or just theories of there own. We all know theres galaxies, then theres more space but then what??? thats were my head starts thinking more and more, what are we in?? are we in anything? is it just galaxy after galaxy after galaxy? :bang; Id really like to know what people think

Thank you barbie =] xx
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PostFri Feb 20, 2009 1:56 pm » by Drjones

Yeah good thinking Barbie....does anyone really know for sure what is "out there" :?:
I don't think so :think: ...like where does the Universe start and end,it is supposedly ever expanding,some scientists say this will go on forever others that eventually the universe will collapse back in on itself and so in turn i think create another big bang. :headscratch:
What is this life all about huh,glad you are going to Egypt,would like to got there myself one day,my living room at home has alot of egyptian photos and sculptures,i find the whole culture fascinating... :sunny:
As for UFO's in ancient times,there is cave paintings,hieroglyphs and other sources that seem to point us in that direction aswell as the Nazca lines which can only be seem from the sky and since i dont think they had 747's back then,then...it's a bit of a :headscratch:

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PostFri Feb 20, 2009 9:38 pm » by Gazbom56

Hi blackbarbie, I believe you will find the answer to all your questions below!
If the video doesn't work just click on the link below it


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PostFri Feb 20, 2009 11:25 pm » by Seemorebetter

Gazbom...Who found him? :banana: :banana: :banana:
Where did we come from? :idea: ETs....There were Giants in Those days. :rtft:
Can experts now explain the origin of the universe? Many scientists, uncomfortable with the idea that the universe was created by a higher intelligence, speculate that by some mechanism it created itself out of nothing. Does that sound reasonable to you? Such speculations usually involve some variation of a theory (inflationary universe model) conceived in 1979 by physicist Alan Guth. Yet, more recently, Dr. Guth admitted that his theory “does not explain how the universe arose from nothing.” Dr. Andrei Linde was more explicit in a Scientific American article: “Explaining this initial singularity—where and when it all began—still remains the most intractable problem of modern cosmology.”

Earth’s Ideal Features

Our existence requires precision in other respects as well. Consider the earth’s measurements and its position relative to the rest of our solar system. The Bible book of Job contains these humbling questions: “Where did you happen to be when I founded the earth? . . . Who set its measurements, in case you know?” (Job 38:4, 5) As never before, those questions beg for answers. Why? Because of the amazing things that have been discovered about our earth—including its size and its position in our solar system.
If earth were slightly larger, its gravity would be stronger and hydrogen, a light gas, would collect, being unable to escape the earth’s gravity. Thus, the atmosphere would be inhospitable to life. On the other hand, if our earth were slightly smaller, life-sustaining oxygen would escape and surface water would evaporate. In either case :nails: , we could not live.

The earth is also at an ideal distance from the sun, a factor vital for life to thrive. Astronomer John Barrow and mathematician Frank Tipler studied “the ratio of the Earth’s radius and distance from the Sun.” They concluded that human life would not exist “were this ratio slightly different from what it is observed to be.” Professor David L. Block notes: “Calculations show that had the earth been situated only 5 per cent closer to the sun, a runaway greenhouse effect [overheating of the earth :hell: ] would have occurred about 4 000 million years ago. If, on the other hand, the earth were placed only 1 per cent further from the sun, runaway glaciation [huge sheets of ice covering much of the globe :hugging: ] would have occurred some 2 000 million years ago.”—Our Universe: Accident or Design?

That is to say, I accept unhesitatingly the fact of the existence of ‘the supreme spiritual Being, God, the Creator and Director of the universe,’ mentioned in the beginning. . . . The advances that have occurred in science since Lord Kelvin’s day would enable him to state more emphatically than ever: ‘If you think strongly enough, you will be forced by science to believe in God.’” :flop:

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PostSat Feb 21, 2009 8:22 pm » by Drjones

Also i think we should stop thinking so much on what's "out there" and focus more of our energies on what's goin on down here on Earth,fix this place first then go exploring the galaxy you know...We spend billions on space probes yet we can't feed and clothe our fellow man who we say we are exploring the galaxy on behalf of.. :bang;
Take this site for example,what the hell is going on in here.
Most people just reply here and there usually with a few words/sentences.....on PARANORMAL subjects,we should be saying alot more...don't you think :?:

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PostSun Feb 22, 2009 12:04 am » by Tinman4higher

[youtube][/<object width="425" height="344"><param name="movie" value="http://www.youtube.com/v/HFvT_qEZJf8&hl=en&fs=1"></param><param name="allowFullScreen" value="true"></param><param name="allowscriptaccess" value="always"></param><embed src="http://www.youtube.com/v/HFvT_qEZJf8&hl=en&fs=1" type="application/x-shockwave-flash" allowscriptaccess="always" allowfullscreen="true" width="425" height="344"></embed></object>youtube]
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PostSun Feb 22, 2009 1:11 am » by Dmtshaman

:headscratch: Nobody really knows whats going on, most of us can barely handle whats going on in our personal life let alone the cosmos. What interest me is not what is behind space but whats inside of space and our mind...Outer space is swimming with life as our deep oceans have, our imagination and inner mind is also swimming full of intelligent beings. Where does the imagination exist? What is the source of our inner visions and dreams? Why is history littered with stories of ancient spirit beings, alien or not, visting our planet? Even the bible is full of stories of angel visitor from the sky coming down giving people wisdom or messages of the future. :peep:
Its not why they are here that is important but the fact they are real, our belief in this phenomenon is not needed, its written in history.
So who has the courage to face our visitors? This is the ultimate question im trying to solve, everything is within us, we just have to remember why we are here. Fear and ego death/transformation are the 2 big things holding us back from the truth... :sunny:
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PostSun Feb 22, 2009 1:42 am » by Snakeplissken

Damn straight Jonesy!! :D

I have read, read and read again about Egypt and i just dont think the generally accepted beliefs about ancient Egypt make sense, every time i end up coming back to the great Pyramid at Giza. I just cant get my head around it being a burial chamber, the layout inside just reminds me of a big machine with all its guts removed, like a chassis with the engine taken out.

I defintely think that the great pyramid and Sphinx were there before the egyptians, i think they claimed them and moified them for their own uses, i think they are much older than we currently have established and i dont know who built them.

Aliens = ancient gods? Maybe, but i always remind myself that life is very complicated, from the patterns in a leaf to position of the planets, its always complicated so i dont think the answer is that clear cut.

Good post, lets have some more!! :wink:
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PostSun Feb 22, 2009 7:45 pm » by Blackbarbie

I know this will sound crazy but this is why i dont believe in a god! i believe that religion is there to control and my evidence is that back in the 1950s when children went to church and you put your sunday bests on there was no yobs, no kids getting pregnant , no teenage drunks nothing and now hardly anyone is religious and actually follows it to a T. However that is my oppinion and most of you will probably disagree also dr jones you say hiroglyphics have alien beings in and whatever else, ive sen some videos on here and youtube about it this is why i think theres no gods no angels i believe that the they are what see as gods as there is sooooooo much more evidence that suggests aliens and ufos than there is for god. I mean we dont even know if gods a person a breeze of air, a alien, a planet, a cloud you actually dont know. And as for the universe some scientists believe it is expanding, i watched a programme years back that says it expands like 1000000000000000000 miles per hour. i dont even know but you get the point however my question is expaning into what? where is it going? is it just a thought in a scientists head that hes made up or is it something like a whole universe inside a cats collar like mib2. it sounds hilarious but anything is possible and the more things we talk about and discuss the more posibility that we can uncover the truth or even all find a theory that works.
moreover though dmtshaman i agree with you aswell why should we even try and think about that when we havent even tackled our earth and did anyone see the post about all the new animals found next to a river in china? theres fish on the bottom of the ocean we havent even seen, theres probably birds that live on the highest of peaks that we havent even heard sing and theres things that could be evolving in our back gardens in the mud. that 1 little cromozone that has eroded down of you compost heap (full of gentically modified food) and has now produced a new cromozone with the ones in the mud. Do you see what i mean?

Why are we even here to think all this?? gosh i must be mental. :banana:

Barbie =] xx :help:
Religion was made by a business man.

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