Whats the real reason we haven't been back to the Moon?

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PostTue Oct 19, 2010 8:44 am » by Godsofatlantis

How about this....

Is there really anything outside of earth??? Is it just empty space??? and they faked the moon mission to make it look like there really was a moon. Or is it something else???

Maybe the truth is we can't go outside of earth, or we can but, we just don't know we can.

Who knows....
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PostTue Oct 19, 2010 9:58 am » by Elhoff

You can say all you want that the moon landing was a hoax. But use the same excuses about a moon hoax for blowing up the WTC and bld 7 and you are a traitor. Lets stop being wishy washy and realise that everything is controlled by THEM. We are spoon fed what they want us to know regardless of their method doing this. All is diversion. All is a lie. The real bottom line is we need to get rid of THEM.

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PostTue Oct 19, 2010 10:35 am » by Otomon


`naways I got this here pictogram that them nasa boys got by shooting mothafucking lasers at the moon and shit:


Thats what the moon looks like igth? AINT NO ALIENS UP IN THA MAH but Jesus is real,just talk to him.

Later godam whitey.

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PostTue Oct 19, 2010 11:25 am » by Believenothing

We have never and will never go to the moon or any other planet EVER. The moon landings were produced by Stanley Kubrick


Thats it, thats the story, thats how it was done, end of any conversation regarding what the moon landings were.

(also for the curious minded Stanley Kubricks The shining was about him being contacted by the goverment and him being forced to film and produce the nasa landings)


Thats the fake moon landing dealt with, now on to doctored moon images. The doctored moon images are apart of the disclosure project, which is (sadly) TPTB properganda machine regarding aliens and alien life. I once believed the was alien life out there (it was a given) but now i know the truth. There are no aliens and will never be aliens anywhere ever. The concept of aliens was created by TPTB. This concept was first pushed by MJ12 which wasnt an organisation regarding keeping aliens hushed up and documenting them but rather an organisation to push the plan for a new world order. The new world order (population reduction, one world goverment, single currency, one religion and one army) could only be brought about via people believing in the concept of aliens. Fake alien landings will bring in the new world order, thats the plan. Aliens were created to force the world to unite, thats it. If you want to go deeper, TPTB are getting there information via there occult practices. Everything that is happening in the world today is not some power hungry humans wanting to control the world, it is a force (single force) telling the caretakers of this reality (will call them the iluminati, a single human physical group with a single objective) how and what they must do. To simplify things its humans vs this (outside no physical)manipulating force. To simplify things even further its conciousness believing its human via the manipulation of this single force. The only weapon this single force has over consiousness is light (atoms), they put on this huge light show and we believe it to be real. It is the kaballah, the one ancient religion used by the iluminati puppets to create and manipulate reality via thought. The 3D world is the grand lie. Look at the atom symbol, it is the pentagram, the 6 pointed star, the first trinity.

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PostTue Oct 19, 2010 12:36 pm » by Sparrow


China and India are both interested in the moon both launching probes, and the Russians are planning a manned trip there by 2025.

So if there is anything unusual up there, or if it is simply impossible for a human to get there without being killed by the radiation then we will find out in a few years.

I know some will say that these governments are part of the cover up, but I am not really so sure, I think the Russians would love to expose the American moon landings as a hoax.


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