When the train of thought stops

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PostWed May 25, 2011 7:35 pm » by Epspl9

A couple of months ago, I took mushrooms for the first time. Right before they fully kicked in, it felt like life was a train which moved at great speed and all of a sudden I jumped off it and saw life disappear in the horizon; time stopped. It was a great trip, even though I couldn't go outside to experience nature due to bad weather. I listened to some of my favorite records and saw in my mind surrealistic films unfold to them.

Ever since that experience, something changed in the wiring of my brain. For one thing, I stopped craving intoxication. It's weird and I don't know how to explain it, but the feeling of wanting to get high and or drunk just isn't there anymore.

A lot of my silly spiritual beliefs were shattered along the way. Some days ago I was thinking about religion and how it's purpose is to ease our stay here on earth by explaining what happens after death. I always find it fascinating how a concept can come to mind like some unknown entity at first. There's something there, you don't know what it is at at first but all the thoughts required to shine a light on it appear instantly to surround it. And this is what came to my mind:

When you die, your consciousness, spirit, or whatever you want to call it remains with the universe as one; it's everything and nothing at the same time. Only a subtraction of the physical occurs. There is no heaven or hell, because your spirit will cease to perceive with human senses. You are no longer an individual, there are no more thoughts, it just stops; you're raw math.

Every living thing on this planet and elsewhere is but a sense of the universe. A universe that tries to understand itself with all of the senses that are available to it.

We're all one, but the same spirit is limited by the physical makeup of every individual, animal, plant, element, etc. Kind of like electricity and electronics, same source of power going through different constructions with different purposes.

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PostWed May 25, 2011 10:29 pm » by Bluesman4uonly

Next time you do the drug.....see if you can figure out how the spirit(or essence of a living thing) get's into the body in the first place. What is the science or force(which ever makes the most sense to you) that directs it there? I would be courious to know your experence in this matter. I also agree that when the essence leaves the body, it goes back to the same form but the key to your quest is how does it get there in the first place.

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