Where are the aliens (the Gods)?

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PostThu Apr 08, 2010 3:49 pm » by Nickelson

drabbit wrote:hybrids aliens
half human half alien who work for the government
they look just like humans. you could stand near one and you would not know it was one.
but they are not like us they are like super soldiers.
designed for war... they can stay up for days they don't need rest and very strong.
they have been advanced. tweaked.
born in a dish made by scientist who work for the government
no father no mother and they have god like powers.
but they are NOT gods...

here is one find it and talk to it.
there are more they are here every day watching.

you are aware they can grow body parts in a dish right?

xxsparklexx wrote:The Internet : Where religions come to die... and new cults rise from their ashes.

The Internet : Where you'll always find someone who agrees with you, no matter what your opinion is.

The Internet... such a fascinating mirror on humanity.

If aliens were able to log on to the human internet, do you think they'd still want to get to know us ?
Picture an alien posting his first message on DTV : "Hello, I am from Sirius." , followed by 17 pages of LMFAO, pictures of ORLY owls, lolcats and overly obese women, NWO-scumbag rants and religious flame-wars.
Would you sift trough the crap, take the insults and spend way too much time trying to eplain your intention... or would you start looking for another interesting place in the vast universe ? :think:

What if we somehow were able to log on into an alien internet...
Would it be something very different from ours ? Or am I just thinking too human ? :headscratch:

WHAT ABOUT THIS :headscratch:

nickelson for the record...
I said and read my post one more time
I said 'they claim to be the alien gods'

then you put words in my mouth said
O.k. you've got me worried now. So you are claiming the Gods or Aliens or God what ever you want to call it

I do not care about some crazy fucks who think or act like they are aliens from other planets in this thread. I was talking about the Ancient Aliens or Gods who gave us knowledge and wisdom.

So don't reply on a topic what has nothing to do with your reply.

I see crazy people around the internet all the time, but I am being serious in my own fruity way here and I don't give a fuck about other pathetic losers who claim to be alien in threads starting as "I am Seria from the GFL, pop me a question" I will never ask a question to those crazy fucks.

So please reply on topic and don't come along with words as SMURFS, because it doesn't has anything to do with this thread.

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PostSat May 26, 2012 11:58 pm » by josie012

I think we are Alien's experiment.... that's all that we are. they gave us a little knowledge and then they watch us to see "how far we can take it" and time goes on, we multiply more and more, but our knowledge doesn't really speed up. It's a sloooow process for us in other words. So where are the Aliens? well, they are watching us and since maybe they just keep us around to see what happens or how they can "use" us? they may not need us for nothing, not even "food" so, they will eliminate us any day now. Just like previous "Alien Experiments here on earth" they were eliminated, or terminated, like the age of the dinosours, like all the other empires and people before us.

So, I'd say enjoy have fun and do the best you can cuz, we'll all be gone soon. :)


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