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mrmcnuggets wrote: Would you let a immigrant work on your automobile with no knowledge of their credentials? They just say "I make it look real real nice." little do you know they're using pressure washers on the inside of your car???.... that is the cost of doing business.

of course people look at credentials whether it be an immigrant or native.
all i was getting at was the immigrants have more reasons to worker harder to prove their worth in new land than the native person. native persons (not redskins pardon the slang) have less to 'worrie' about when looking at the issue. i agree language barrier sucks balls and wish that was a factor for customer service... but it seems to not be an issue for a dumb reason.... anyways........

i know people who have refused good jobs because "it was below them" just cause it payed less than they were use to. and more 'bitch' work then they were use to, too add. i guess thats what pisses me off.

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...some asshole thought of it, some sucker believed it, and look what its done so far...


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