white-nose syndrome

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Biological Hazard Fongus infection 24/02/2009 - 04:00:49
State of West Virginia Pendleton County

Lab results show bats in two Pendleton County caves have white-nose syndrome.


http://hisz.rsoe.hu/alertmap/woalert_re ... 7&lang=eng
The caves are now closed to the public. Biologists fear people could be spreading the disease. White-nose syndrome was first discovered two winters ago in New York, and this year it reached West Virginia. “What we have is classic white-nose, just what they saw up in New York,” said Craig Stihler, a wildlife biologist with the West Virginia Division of Natural Resources. Stihler says bats with symptoms of white nose syndrome were collected from Hamilton and New Trout Caves in Pendleton County last month and sent to a lab for testing. Stihler was not surprised by the results. “We don’t really know exactly what white nose syndrome is, but we do know that there’s a fungus that’s been involved in every case,” Stihler said. “It may not be the only factor but it’s consistent.” That fungus was growing on the bats’ skin. Biologists are not sure what causes white-nose syndrome, how it’s spread, or if it can be stopped. But theories are developing: it’s believed the fungus could be spread through the soil on the cave floor. “They have done research that shows that when bats are grooming, when they have the fungus and wake up and groom, they actually ingest the fungus and it passes through their body and they can actually get the fungus out of the guano,” said Stihler. “So, that’s a way that the bats up on the ceiling of the cave are actually infecting the soil the below. Once the soil gets infected anyone that transfers the soil from cave to cave could possibly transfer white nose.” Stihler says it’s important for cavers to clean all of their gear and clothing between caving trips. The syndrome poses no health threat to humans, but officials have closed some caves to try to save other bats from infection. Stihler says the short term effects could be devastating. 80 to 100 percent of bats that get white-nose die from it. “The things we can hope for are that there might be some resistant bats that are able to fight off the fungus, and that after this moves through we have some bats that rebound and repopulate these sites,” said Stihler. White-nose was found in three types of bats in West Virginia: the little brown bat, the eastern pipistrelle, and the northern long-eared.)

White Nose Syndrome has scientists baffled
http://www.necn.com/Boston/SciTech/2009 ... 98432.html
White-Nose Syndrome Confirmed in Pendleton Bats
White nose syndrome spreading
http://www.northcountrypublicradio.org/ ... -spreading

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I have a white nose too! OMG! :)

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ourgreatcountry, don't panic, just remember to WIPE your nose once your done with the "nose candy" you have on the coffee table.

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