Why conspiracy theorists are seen as nut jobs

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PostMon Jun 18, 2012 11:16 pm » by Fatdogmendoza

1973samtyler wrote:
Raburgeson wrote:Why do we view scientists as credible? They have been caught so many times inventing and filtering information to make the result fit the model. Look at
global warming, the temperature has gone down. Look at we don't spray chemtrails and then the article that they will use nano-particles and the atmosphere will appear even whiter. Now the latest lie is cosmic storms are causing arc lightning to create booms in the sky. Clearly the amount of conductive materials sprayed into the atmosphere (specially nano particulates) are creating ionized paths. These ionized paths are causing discharges and destroying the natural voltage potential difference per foot in the atmosphere. What will be the result of the destruction?

No one is keeping these disinforming scientists honest. Why not? Well I'm not joining there religion.

Sorry Raburgeson, but I appear to be having a 'blonde' moment here, I really don't know what your advocating. :?

Please elaborate. :think:



Blonde?? :D


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