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Well you don't know that my Christmas has been messed up big time. I wont bore you with the details. But I found this song help me cry my heart out. http://www.pastemagazine.com/blogs/lists/2011/04/15-great-covers-of-leonard-cohens-hallelujah.html?p=3 by K D LANG...
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PostMon Dec 17, 2012 4:26 am » by Opalserpent

Mallog, brother of disclose.tv black sheep



Cheer up man, we all feel powerless at least together we have a community of angry people.

You know what you need man!!!


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PostMon Dec 17, 2012 5:04 am » by Malogg

Cheers guys I am good, and much thought comes from these delightful reply's from Belinda with positive direction for Hollie and Anne, leading into 2013.

Thanks Mal, see my last re. lie detector test, of course they want that - it only picks up wobbles and they don't wobble because they no longer have access to their proper emotions!!

And thanks for battling away at them. I know they are rattled because they react to the slightest thing HDJ put up on our site! They are just so not 'cool' it's actually quite funny.

B x

On 16.12.2012


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Hi Mal

Thanks for this, sorry for belated response, yes of course, where are the Aberdeen victims of which your poor little daughter was/is one but what hope do they have with Grampian police in charge?

As for the accused offering to submit to a lie-detector test, as they themselves know or they wouldn't have offered this, people with fragmented minds (due to violation in childhood as we believe Sylvia Major suffered so very likely passed on the same legacy to her daughters or threatened them into silence) no longer have access to their true emotions/conscience so even if we (Greig, Green, Gerrish & McK) passed the test so would the members of the ring!!

The only way is through the legal process although where we find a non-freemasonic judge or court these days god only knows. It's a real conundrum actually. Even juries are rigged these days too as I've witnessed this summer in the Musa trial (Musas = Nigerian couple who have had 7 children removed by London Borough of Haringey, accused of abuse and neglect of their children. Largely manufactured rubbish (for the purpose of stealing 7 beautiful and highly clever African children and filling Council coffers) and yet the couple did lay themselves open by telling lies here and there. And certainly didn't deserve the final outcome - 7 year prison sentence (commuted to 3 & half less time already served on remand). Terrible thing to witness, has depressed me for the whole of 2012 (they went into prison in December 2011, I tried my hardest to get them out on bail, but...)

The people will hopefully sooner rather than later be forced to set up our own courts under common law and enforcing the International Convention on the Rights of the Child or amended version thereof (the present 1989 version doesn't actually spell out the right not to be sexually violated or forced to participate in satanic rituals under the age of consent but it should IMO). Even if we cannot enforce the findings and physically lock away the nonces and devil-worshippers, at least we can sentence them to public embarrassment & social exclusion which actually may be a more effective way of administering justice! Ie., sorry Mrs Major, we don't deliver mail/milk to paedophiles! Sorry madam someone has just reported you, may we remind you that ASDA in Ferryhill is a Satan-Free supermarket so we are obliged to remove your trolley from you. Etc.

Why are the people scared - there is so much we can collectively do to make life thoroughly unpleasant for child-abusers and satanists!

And as for naming names, I'm sorry but the burden of proof would be on these people to prove their innocence. We have to break the cycle somewhere or it goes on and on, generation after generation. They'd have to show they've been kind to their neighbours and are popular in their locality! They'd have to show they've supported charities, not just spent their money on holidays in Dubai or expensive, cultish underwear as in the case of Sylvia Major (I'm really going for her having seen how she frightened Hollie by popping up in the Court of Appeal on 2nd March this year, no one is allowed to frighten Hollie any more after what she's been through). That Sheriff Buchanan would have a terrible job proving he is loved, wouldn't he?!

Well lots of thoughts as to how to crack this when the system we're in has ring-fenced us out of any real or viable legal process but believe me, the good people of the world who are still in the vast majority in early 21st C will have the last laugh. It's just a case of getting to them in the absence of a people-friendly press & media but we do still have the internet - for the moment anyway.

happy crimble to you and Gus!

Belinda xx

On 14.12.2012


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PostMon Dec 17, 2012 11:01 pm » by Malogg



Malogg wrote:THE DRUM

Tales of alleged fraud, drugs and child rape: Why it’s vital we stop Alex Salmond’s Leveson law


Levy & McRae's Peter Watson

I find Alex Salmond’s ambition to strengthen Scottish press regulation in the form of a ‘McLeveson’ law slighty surreal. Because in my view the real challenge facing Scottish newspapers is not their reckless risk taking but their tendency to be risk averse.

It is a trait which is depriving readers of the sort of newspapers they want to read – which explains the relentless decline in circulations – but more importantly is depriving society of the sort of checks and balances vital to a healthy democracy.

As I have written before, you do not have to venture far of the well-trodden PR path to find mysteries, potential scandals and legitimate public interest questions abandoned in the undergrowth.

Much of this material is the sort of stuff which inspired many of those journalists reared on films like ‘All the President’s Men’ to get into this profession in the first place.

Now The Drum is not really in the business of holding the political classes to account. But even we can’t help stubbing our toe on the odd forgotten issue lying hidden in the long grass. Very often it’s the sort of stuff that would have been picked up by the old investigation teams of the past who once tended our public interest landscape.

A few examples spring to mind. The story of former newspaper executive Steve Sampson for example. He was the man who persuaded Scottish Enterprise to invest £1m in his start up Talent Nation only to be accused of transferring much of this cash into his own personal account shortly afterwards, leaving staff unpaid, a bankrupt business and much acrimony behind. Since other investors in Talent Nation – which was placed into liquidation by Scottish Enterprise - included Premier League football players and other sports stars you would have expected to see this story appear across the Scottish press, despite Sampson's denials that he had done anything wrong. Apart from in The Drum, it hardly merited a mention elsewhere.

Another example of where the Scottish media were surprisingly mute was in reporting the resignation of high-flying Glasgow City Council leader, Steven Purcell back in 2010.

He shocked the political establishing by suddenly resigning – citing a nervous breakdown.

But it wasn’t long before rumours of drug abuse and allegations of patronage surfaced, fuelled by the fact that he received a visit from police warning him of potential blackmail.

To put this in context, it is the equivalent of the career of Boris Johnson suddenly going up in a puff of cocaine; Purcell was seen as a potential Scottish First Minister.

The saga was covered unconvincingly. The Herald, for example, initially carried surprisingly little comment about the scandal.

Perhaps Purcell was simply really good at crisis PR. And he certainly had some good advisers. They included Jack Irvine – once an editor of The Scottish Sun (and colleague of Steve Sampson) - who is now seen as a Scottish Max Clifford. His business is called Media House.

Meanwhile he received legal advice from Irvine’s friend and business associate Peter Watson of Levy & McRae (who also at one stage advised Steve Sampson).

Levy & McRae were certainly well placed to advise on media matters. His team also worked (and still does) for many newspapers including the Herald, advising them on what could and could not, be published.

The arrangement struck The Drum as strange, which is why we wrote to every newspaper which was represented by Levy & McRae asking if they thought that the set up – where they were running stories on somebody also represented by the firm – might add up to a conflict of interest.

The Sunday Herald eventually carried a full page editorial which read: “There have been hints that some Scottish newspapers have pulled their punches because editors have been too close to Steven Purcell or worse have been cowed in submission by Peter Watson and PR firm Media House.”

Herald MD Tim Blott confirmed: “We are currently reviewing our relationship with Levy & McRae in the light about our editors’ concerns about any current or future conflict of interests.”

Adding impetus to this process was the fact that one arm of Levy & McRae had demanded a right of reply for a piece another arm of the firm had cleared for publication in a Herald title.

However, despite the public posturing the group re-appointed Levy & McRae, albeit with a new set of safeguards.

Levy & McRae were also well placed to advise Purcell on criminal law. Strathclyde Police, which investigated the Purcell resignation, sought advice from the Crown Office on how to proceed.

Watson acts for the Strathclyde Police Federation and has advised the Crown Office and its head honcho the Lord Advocate in the past.

The Drum has first-hand experience of this, because in 2009 the then Lord Advocate, Elish Angiolini, instructed Levy & McRae to take action against our company.

Our then sister title The Firm had published allegations that while Angiolini was Procurator Fiscal in Aberdeen, her office had failed to handle an investigation into an alleged paedophile ring properly.
In the end she dropped her defamation claim and took us to the Press Complaints Commission instead, which rejected her argument.

In the aftermath The Drum wanted to find out who had paid for her action – because in a defamation case the only recourse an individual can hope for is compensation which would be paid to them personally.

So did she pay her own bills? As the Lord Advocate she employs more lawyers than anybody else in Scotland, so you would have thought she would have been able to get advice for free. Or did the Government pay for outsourcing this to a private firm?

And there was another point too. The victim at the heart of the original allegations – a Down Syndrome child – received £15,000 as part of the criminal compensation scheme. Angiolini’s costs could have amounted to more than this. So did she spend more public money defending her reputation than this young girl received for being raped?

Of course there is also a bigger picture here. If a government starts using its vast resource to sue journalists it will inevitably compromise the ability of media to do its jobs and call politicians and their political appointees to account.

That was why we lodged a Freedom of Information Request with the Crown Office. And I suspect it was also why it was simply denied. To this day we do not know who footed Angiolini’s bill.

Now in itself none of this is hard evidence of wrongdoing. But it is evidence of all the untold stories lying submerged in the murk of Scottish public life. At the moment it is, in my view, short sighted commercial pressures that are stopping media owners doing their jobs. But in the future they could be further muzzled by McLeveson.

I have to say the composition of the Leveson advisory panel the Scottish Government are proposing doesn’t fill me with confidence.

It includes one Peter Watson of Levy & McRae. Perhaps it might adopt a paragraph the firm had on its website as its credo: “With a low profile, we aim to keep clients off the front page and take swift and effective action where required. Being networked at the highest levels and having access to major decision makers is key to our success.”

Gordon Young is editor of The Drum

http://www.thedrum.com/opinion/2012/12/ ... -s-leveson


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PostTue Dec 18, 2012 1:49 am » by Malogg

Just posted by Peter Eyre in we need answers to Hollies abuse support group.

https://www.facebook.com/groups/hollieg ... up_comment

Thankyou Peter.

http://eyreinternational.wordpress.com/ ... ia-part-3/


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PostTue Dec 18, 2012 2:31 am » by Phoenix rising

Stand firm Malogg, sometimes conviction is all we have left, you've done more than any other to expose the darkness, maybe its time for a little light for you're self, Merry Xmas my friend :hugging:
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PostTue Dec 18, 2012 3:25 am » by Malogg

Phoenix rising wrote:Stand firm Malogg, sometimes conviction is all we have left, you've done more than any other to expose the darkness, maybe its time for a little light for you're self, Merry Xmas my friend :hugging:


Thankyou Phoenix intending to have a cracker ,wishing you and your family a wonderful Christmas time.


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PostTue Dec 18, 2012 3:35 am » by Muchtyman

I know this subject is dear to you and it gave the community here a much needed boost to see you take on and win against these scum .

.......................... :cheers:

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PostTue Dec 18, 2012 3:46 am » by Malogg

Muchtyman wrote:I know this subject is dear to you and it gave the community here a much needed boost to see you take on and win against these scum .

.......................... :cheers:


Why thankyou Muchtyman hope you have a rocking Christmas time.


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PostTue Dec 18, 2012 3:48 am » by Noentry

Merry Christmas to you Malogg

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