Why The Governments of The World Won't Disclose The UFO Lie?

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PostSat Feb 21, 2009 2:04 pm » by Drjones

Well from the initial post i think Chereokee does make some good points and some bad ones,i enjoyed reading it,thanks :flop: ...but thats just my opinion. :?:
I'm of the belief that UFO's-the real unknowns-ARE NOT HUMAN technology etc,THEY ARE ALIEN,i'd like to believe that they are from some far off world and i hope that turns out to be true,but at the moment we still have that little annoying voice of doubt in our heads,i do anyways,the doubts for me is NOT THAT UFO's are NOT real cos THEY ARE but what exactly are they :?: ...Is the truth to this soo amazingly mind boggling that perhaps that's why it has been such a secret for so long and has a top secret classification higher than the H-Bomb,i mean i dont think for a phenomenon that was NOT real would have such a high level of secrecy around it do you.. :?:
I mean the UFO phenomenon does serve the military when THEY DO test their top secret planes and such,i mean it's the best cover story ever for them..but again how ridiculous is this world when we have to build stuff in "secret"-this is the pinnacle of civilisation :help:
I also believe we have to be very careful with all the recent disclosures :?: ,WHY NOW,i mean this does seem to tie into some NWO masterplan..so we must be cautious,keep an open mind always...How many people would be frightened by the revealation that ET is very real and has been visiting us for many years...you know,help us,protect us governments :ohno: ..perhaps it is not too far a stretch of the imagination to believe that THEY the NWO will stage some false flag alien attack incident...that would really work well for them and truly keep us in a massive state of fear,you know if this planet is all messed up and then we have these folks in space who are evil too...DAMN...who do we turn to then,you know....just some ideas... :?:
Time will tell,i;m just glad i,WE have such a mental capacity to think like this when the real truth does come alog we will know it... :flop:

Bring on your UFO files usa... :!: let us know Roswell was a very REAL alien event and do ME a favour and let me know just how the hell do adavanced space farers or whatever they are always seem to CRASH here...that part of the story has bugged me for a long time... :headscratch:


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