Will Israel attack Iran with preemptive nuclear EMP weapons

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Will Israel attack Iran with preemptive nuclear EMP weapons

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Is Israel justified in using a preemptive nuclear strike using tactical nuclear bunker busters against Iran's hardened facilities? Would Israel be justified in using EMP weapons against Iran to prevent Iran's ability to respond effectively. The EMP weapons would enable that result with a much smaller loss of life not only in Iran but also American lives and bases in the middle east. It would protect the oil facilities of Saudi Arabia from attack by Iran as well as save Saudi and Turkish lives. Netanyahu said, "Those that refuse to set red lines for Iran cannot cannot then give Israel red light to stop a military strike against Iran's nuclear facilities. Iran's President Mahmoud Ahmadinejad said Israel will be wiped off the map. All out nuclear war can be prevented if Russia, China and America work together in spite of their lack of trust of each other.

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