William H. Kennedy|Satanism, Ritual Abuse & Pedophilia 2010

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Here`s a very interesting article with more information on Marc Dutroux written by David McGowan.


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If anyone would like further info on world pedophilia google "The Franklin Scandal". This scandal happened in the 80's but was muzzled by the media. Organized pedophilia is all over the world. This corruption was discovered during the Franklin scandal in Nebraska by John Decamp and others. People lost their lives trying to get this story out to the public. It's a story of political corruption that leads all the way to the White House. Their are those who will find out your weakness, compromise you, and blackmail you if you're in the public eye. This is how they control people in the government, media, etc.etc.etc.

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brilliant post,cant believe people still align themselves with the catholic church,its obvious that the whole foundation of that "religion" is built on evil and lies,someone here posted a chart showing how many folks have been killed by stalin,mao,and hitler,but thats nothing to the 1700 years of death and persecution of innocents by that monsterous corporation called the catholic church,its the most demonic entity of all humankind,
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