William Turner was an example to modern war photography

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Here you can see some of Turner's works.

http://commons.wikimedia.org/wiki/Josep ... uselang=de

William Turner, the famous english painter, was a genius creating a magick of terrible beauty. He painted terrible things awsomely nice. Thus Turner was a forerunner of aestheticization - a remarkable sign of our times. If catastrophe - then with aestheticization. If war - then with aestheticization. I death - then of course with aestheticiziation. Strange, isn't it?

Btw, I liked Turner very much all the time, he is one of my favorites. But he did indeed what all fucking contamporary bad news photographers have learned to copy - serving an all omnipotent aesthetics.

And this is a big, fat lie. Life is not always aesthetics but also buke and shit and sadness and gruel death. And passion and tears. Even that is an important part of humanity and being human. And we are not supposed to fucking forget that. It makes the world a cold and unmerciful place as it always is... Shit.
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