Wireless electricity becomes a viable option

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La electricidad inalámbrica se convierte en una opción viable
Wireless electricity becomes a viable option

Móviles sin batería y MP3 que se cargan solos son dos de las posibles aplicaciones
Battery-less mobile phones and mp3 players that charge themselves up are two of the possible applications

Investigadores de la UPC estudian cómo transmitir energía sin cables entre satélites
UPC (Universitat Politècnica de Cataluyna) researchers study how to transmit wireless energy between (artificial) satellites.

En el 2007, un grupo de físicos del Massachusetts Institute of Technology (MIT) consiguió encender una bombilla de 60 vatios con una fuente de energía situada a dos metros.
On 2007, physicists from MIT were able to light up a 60w bulb with an energy source placed two meters away.

The web version of this Barcelona newspaper leaves out an insert -that's included in the 'hard copy'- about Nicola Tesla's pioneering work in this field and also tells of how J.P. Morgan pulled the plug on the whole thing because 'he could not charge people for this type of energy tranmission'.

(I guess i'm kind of proud that this mainstream newspaper is actually 'disclosing' a bit of true history....barcelona surprises me every so often)

Oh, and if the language barrier is too much, i will gladly translate any of this to whoever is interested. Or if you think you can handle it, use this: http://www.wordreference.com/

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