WISSARD Team Finds First Signs of Microbial Life

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PostWed Jan 30, 2013 7:02 pm » by One-23

-in an Antarctica Subglacial Lake


Scientists drilling in Lake Whillans, a remote body of water buried 2,600 feet below the West Antarctic Ice Sheet, have discovered evidence of living bacteria. The finding follows the recent discovery that microorganisms live within clouds in the troposphere, suggesting that life is capable of thriving in an even broader range of extreme environments than scientists previously thought possible, broadening the list of potential extraterrestrial habitats, including Europa and Enceladus which are also thought to harbor oceans of liquid water. The half mile of glacial ice atop Lake Whillans is from snow that fell onto Antarctica thousands of years ago. A sensor lowered down the borehole this week showed that dissolved minerals were far more abundant in the lake than previously thought.

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