World deepest lifeforms and methane on Mars.

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Scientists have been digging up super deep worms, which people thought wasn't possible. They thought that there was only single celled life at those depths. It shows that the area of life is much bigger than what used to be thought and it also shows that multi celled life follows single celled life as well.

This is the statement that a Nasa scientist made:

The presence of multicellular life in the harsh environment of the mine walls — oxygen-starved, hot and inhospitable — not only expands the sphere in which life might exist on Earth, but on other planets as well. "Now the deep subsurface of Mars looks very interesting," says Michael Meyer, lead scientist for NASA's Mars Exploration Program. "The Universe might have many more habitats than we thought."

This reminded me of another subject that was discussed on TV and other types of media. The subject of the methane on Mars has disappeared down the memory hole, but I think it still very relevant. The methane can be an indication that there is bacterial life. If there's single celled life on Mars, then there is bound to be multi celled life there too.

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mayorofcydonia wrote: people thought wasn't possible.

like wittgenstein said
- 'explanations come to an end sometime'

we'll never know everything.


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