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We've all discussed the ramping censorship and attempts for control of the Internet on here, and we've even discussed possible solutions.

The one that stuck with me the most, was the idea to create an internet constitution that would combine our collective online voices into a thundering voice to protect Internet freedom and ensure that our Internet Nation is not usurped by a government or corporation of any country. As it is, Canada is battling with Bell, Rogers and the CRTC whom feel it a moral obligation to set the internet into class tiers and limit access based on financial abilities (and therefore, personal financial standing)... China, Iran and North Korea is battling to get the truth that is censored by their dictatorial propagandist government.... Egypt set a precedence in government over-authority by cutting the internet off from it's citizens to squash a much needed revolution... And the United States is battling having their every personal and intimate details from being tracked, recorded and tabulated by the growing police state being built by their out-of-control government...

An Idea is a seed, and I've planted it in the fertile soil of The People's Nation that is the 21st Century World Wide Web...

I have since been working on the idea of a free-people's open-constitution, and have set up a domain with a discussion board for this purpose; to form a People's Constitution and World Internet Union. This domain and forum will be considered public domain under the ownership of all people and shall be written into this constitution as such.

Now we need volunteers to admin and moderate the forum.

We need Anonymous Hacktivists to protect this site and this constitution from the Powers That Be as we grow to threatening numbers with a growing voice.

We need intelligent skilled people to build the code that will encompass this living democratic Constitution.

We need powerful researchers to pull together a comprehensive report on the state of the internet in the world, in terms of freedom and just how much censorship we're already dealing with. It is important that our case is clear and that our motivations are just.

With a clear thundering voice, we will tell the Old World Order and the New World Order to keep their fucking hands OFF!

'cause if we don't, we may not be able to find the truth tomorrow...

email me. Please. Let me know what you'd like to do to help and I'll get you set up.

escaped.light (at)

Once the domain has propagated, I'll post the URL here.

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