World's largest laser fires up for attempt to build new star

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PostThu Apr 29, 2010 3:33 pm » by Nickelson

dtnelis wrote:i read another article that said it could take up to a year- to 2 years to get approval or something.

also this just proves how much weve been lied to when it comes to our technological advancements. i woudlnt doubt if we were able to do this in the 60s. its just strange how from out of nowhere we can make stars in a few months...

oh but this is an AMAZINGLY GOOD thing. not only will our energy problems be gone. but we will be able to scale it down to size. they said its smaller then a fingernail and produces the power of a STAR. i cant wait to see what happens in the next 10 years, were in for a hell of a ride!

That's a great thought right there, maybe that's the whole reason for the project.

If we can use just a fraction of the Sun's energy we would be out of the lack of energy problems. We only need to figure out how to store that energy.

This star also may implode and go super(tiny)nova on us and there's our second tiny black hole (when LHC won't fail that is)

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PostThu Apr 29, 2010 3:34 pm » by Nickelson

dtnelis wrote:
beerthirty wrote:Not trying to be a buzzkill, but how exactly will it solve our energy problems? Will we have fusion reactors all over the world? Who will own them, how much will they charge us to "plug in" to the grid? Seems to me we will still have the same problems of cost and distribution that we have now. Maby not, maby they will put the plans online so we can build our own for the home and car. :?

true but hopefully we can not depend on natural resources anymore. thats a huge step in the right direction


Plugging in on the internet and download your energy would be a solution.


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