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Noentry wrote:Sounds like it was a long and difficult labor.
As long as both are well. Then all is good.

You know if you pay them what you can afford to pay them, it makes it very difficult to take you to court. Because the judge will see you are still trying paying your debts.

The approach to take with them is this is all I can afford to pay. Be honest of course or the judge will see right through you.
They will threaten you they will try to scare you, but if you pay something to them the judge more them likely will rule in your favor. (Most times)

It happened to me and my VAT.

I did not agree with the amount I was charged.
I sent a check but the next day cancelled that check.
It went to court and when the judge saw I had sent them a check but cancelled it because I was in dispute about the amount.
He slung the case out of court and told them to get their act together.

If you are seen to be trying to pay it works in your favor. Instead of just ignoring the problem.

I wish you, your son and your partner all the best my friend.

Thank you for the advice mate. Much appreciated.



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