Worlds oldest computer (1951) rebooted

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Harwell Dekatron / WITCH Reboot

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on Nov 21, 2012 by tnmoc

A glimpse of the Harwell Dekatron / WITCH bursting back into life at The National Museum of Computing on 20 November 2012. The machine - the world's oldest original working digital computer dating from 1951 - can be seen at TNMOC, located on Bletchley Park, Buckinghamshire, UK. Opening times:
In front of the machine are seated two of the the designers and two early users.
Lots more videos of the event to come, so do subscribe to the TNMOC channel.

More information on the computer at

Video by TVUK for TNMOC and kindly sponsored by Google UK.


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Wow that thing is cool.
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