Would you kill your own child if God ordered you to?

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PostFri Aug 27, 2010 6:38 pm » by Ladysphinx

God told Abraham to do it, but only as a test God did not let him go through with it. It's a shadow type of Christ. God said that if we eat of the fruit of knowledge we will die. So we had to die when we did it but just as Abraham was going to kill Isaac God send a ram. It's the same with us Just before we where to be lost God send Jesus. If you don't believe just take it as a parable. If anything ever told you to kill your child, be careful I don't think it's God
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PostFri Aug 27, 2010 7:12 pm » by Bloodbank

I think it's easy to say either yes or no depending on your beliefs etc. However I think it would depend on how GOD manifested himself when commanding you. If I suddenly have a little voice in my head that says kill the lil bugger when they talk back. I know that is not GOD. However if GOD appeared in front of me and performed some feat to prove he was GOD, then gave me an explaination of why he wanted my child dead. (IE being the antichrist or something). Then I may have to deeply consider it.

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PostFri Aug 27, 2010 7:26 pm » by Boondox681

this entire 'story' is just that.
your god gave you free will,then takes it away by testing you.
that makes your god a liar.
you can keep him.
my god does not lie.
and this is not the only incident in your book.

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PostFri Aug 27, 2010 7:29 pm » by Lilith

boondox681 wrote:this entire 'story' is just that.
your god gave you free will,then takes it away by testing you.
that makes your god a liar.
you can keep him.
my god does not lie.
and this is not the only incident in your book.


I never understood why Christians bring up the argument of free will.
You obey god and you go to heaven, you disobey him you go to hell.

That's not freedom.

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PostSat Aug 28, 2010 4:42 am » by Giantkiller

I guess it depends on what your beliefs are and if you believe in the Bible Story or not that's just one's personal belief but what I have problem with is people hearing voices that tells them to go kill someone (doesent necesarilly has to be your son) and actually go and DO IT!!!
one has to ask if ABRAHAM trusted 100% in GOD why would he doubt ,he knows he can also resurrect him.....now....in todays life how fucked up things are I doubt GOD is talking to anybody I don't care how holly you think you are but hey!!! that's just my point of viewing things.. :cheers: :cheers:

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PostSat Aug 28, 2010 5:37 am » by Jasmineeyes

I would never ever kill my children no matter who asked me. I am an atheist, but even if the imaginary man in the sky turned out to be real I would rather go to hell, or suffer unimaginable torture than harm a hair on their precious heads. Any parent that says otherwise should put their children up for adoption immediately. Those people are not real parents they are selfish evil people. To harm you children for your benefit no-mater how you believe, goes against everything it is to be a parent. I dare them to look their baby girl or boy in the eye and say "I would kill you if someone asked me, to save my soul." I would rather kill myself before that.

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PostSat Aug 28, 2010 5:01 pm » by Lapislazuli

If one includes the theory of the ancient astronauts, it makes all perfect sense!
G_d is the all; every atom, every rock, every tree, every bird, every being, every planet, every star. We are all part of it.
Everything in universe is placed at its correct place; the earth is within the habitable zone, the earth’s satellite, the moon is in proper position to enable the ignition of life, the earth tectonic brings proper weather into being that allows life to flourish, everything seems right.
Everything, except the fact that a disturbance in the craft led once to the chaos we’re living in at this very moment.

The god from the bible is an evil alien astronaut that has fooled mankind for the past 3600 years.
The occultists, the so-called elite of this world, sacrificed 6 Million Jews in the Holocaust and now 3000 Americans on 9/11 in the name of this alien of whom they pretend to be descendants. Jews and Moslems circumcise (torture) their children unknowingly because of this alien. They lead wars unknowingly because of this alien. It’s all actually a chess game but on a higher level. The evil astronaut pushes his politics forward with an agenda whose details are unknown to us.

Yahweh’s demand of Abraham shows only his insecurity. Or would the true G_d who created Abraham and the entire universe, who IS the universe, need such loyalty tests?
If we follow the theory of G_d as a being and us within (called Autopoiesis), it makes no sense; it would be as you would speak to your right hand (Abraham) and demand of it to cut off your left hand (his son) to prove loyalty to you.

If we take a look at another theory and assume G_d as the Grand Architect of the universe (GAOTU) in a dimension outside (above) our known universe, like a programmer that writes a new software, the events make no sense either. The author would not allow such bad software being published.

I believe every word that is written in the bible; with the only difference that I see an evil alien that appears to have supernatural powers because of advanced technology, instead of an almighty punishing god.
The true G_d is omnipotent; anything that manifests into being at one specific place, isn’t omnipotent anymore, isn’t G_d!

I would even go so far to claim that the Ten Commandments were not written for our good but for theirs. For example: “Thou shall not kill.” (Don’t destroy our property! You are precious for us, because we need you as slaves, food, sacrifice – Only selected servants, high priests, may kill in a proper ritualistic manner)

As I said in the beginning: theory! But one that is worth being examined and extended; every war, every catastrophe, every suffering, every punishment of mankind makes perfect sense by only replacing one word in the Bible, the Quran, the Torah; reading alien instead of god.
You will find G_d in your heart, not in a book. The gods from the books are as much gods as we are parts of it.

As a sidenote:
I believe also that this god, the alien astronaut, was responsible for the recent awakening of mankind. Suddenly people are becoming aware of 9/11 as an Inside Job etc. So many of the skeptics using to be far away from conspiracy theories, have begun to see the truth through intense study of historical events, being motivated because of the tragic events on 9/11; it’s amazing! I observe also former skeptics screaming: “Kill them! Kill them!” more than I observe the awakened ones, as we are here, doing that. But it’s natural, they got fooled their whole life and now they get a hard wake up call.

I believe that now the astronaut’s masterpiece is following. – In 2012, when we will begin with the arrests and then finally, finally with the long, long awaited executions of the obvious traitors, destroying therewith their old world order; we will sacrifice our own race unknowingly to the alien astronaut who will then build his new world upon our crime of mass murder; upon the crime of the new sinners of the new world order, again with the same evil entity hidden on top. The upcoming massacre of 2012 will appear as godly help, uniting all to believe in one and the same god who was so powerful to destroy thousands of years of spiritual slavery. By destroying all the evil (former helpers), he will rise up to become the king of this world; being worshipped by 6 billion (minus his co-buddies, the burnt dead traitors) earth inhabitants. While for him/them the past 3600 years were just 1 Shar, to say one short year, we’ve spent 3600 earth years. The only way I could explain this to myself; him/they travel with light speed, so every time him/they come back, thousands of years have passed on earth. (Einstein’s Relativity) If it’s so, we could even measure (calculate) how far their/his home planet / space station is, using light speed as the constant.

Recently I was zapping through the tv channels and got to stop on MGM when a movie (The Lost Empire) begun with words: “In the ancient days of Lemuria… … a powerful weapon “The Eyes of the Avatar” got disassembled and lost since the wars in heaven… …there is an evil entity in possession of one eye, trying to get both eyes together to awake therewith the dragon god…

The evil entity is Lee Chuck or Sin Do, the ambassador of the devil, who first appears in human form (always with a snake around his neck, being on his island Golgatha, sitting in his secret chamber full of tv screens, observing world events) and at the end of the movie, when he got attacked, changes into his natural reptilian form; he receives his supernatural powers through daily sacrificing a human. It doesn’t matter if he’s sacrificing thousand a day, he will need to sacrifice the next day again; that’s the deal with his master in exchange for superpowers (immortality etc.)

"Now it’s beginning to make sense!"
"What are you talking about?"
"I’m talking about international terrorism, mass murder, and a legend of supernatural horror that goes back over two hundred years!"

The Lost Empire (1983)

(So far the very interesting sounding story but the filming of the movie is so… discussing, so stupid, it appears as Russ Meyer directing “Enter the Dragon”, my eyes still hurt from all those mega tits.)


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