would you support government murder ?

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PostFri Aug 13, 2010 1:37 am » by Mugenroshi8

Ok, let's walk through this from an American's perspective. The federal government has always murdered people it has felt threatened by, throughout our entire history. The bigger the federal government gets, the more people it feels threatened by. And, consequently, the more resources it has to assassinate, kill, murder, neutralize - whatever - those that threaten them.

After the 9/11 joke, the federal government took it upon itself to enact policies that made it perfectly legal to murder, assassinate, kill, neutralize - whatever - those that threaten them.

All in the name of public safety, in the best interests of the american people.

They also have the right to detain, torture, and then murder anyone they wish, with no trial, no representation, and no promise that you will ever hear from them again.

Now, I'm sure it looked really good on paper, saying things like, "with the accumulation of insurmountable evidence," and a bunch more nonsense like that. But that isn't how reality works. And your interests are never the governments interests. Your interest as a free person, runs absolutely counter to the interests of your govern-ment. Or rather, your Control - Mind.

It is no conspiracy, and its no longer a secret, that politicians get away with murder all the time in this country. Anyone that can threaten another's power is suddenly gunned down, or murdered via gang shooting - insert BS here please. And come to find out, the 'randomly' murdered person or persons, had some serious shit on someone pretty powerful.

I don't know what the government in Ireland is like, but you need to think long and hard about what your asking for, because once it comes there is no stopping it. And unless you do everything and am willing to do anything that your government asks - you need seriously question whether you want to be killed for someday crossing those who do not and have never had your best interests in mind.

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PostFri Aug 13, 2010 9:56 pm » by Sceptilief

dank1 wrote:fuck you dont call me name's dipshit we have to many prisons and inmates already and part of a bad econimy is housing murderers rapist and molesters not just the housing market, and war california is re leasing criminals back on the streets hence making it even more ghetto to live there. we americans have become pussy's. do you remember what the punishment is for stealing a horse(old school car) death(hanging) ,there is always a way to automate an exacution like make what ever the device of death is motion censored or some shit ,no one has to be the fall guy. so if some dude raped and tortured you family in front of you, you would just send them to prison? ya fucking right, if you think so then you are a liar,we are killers by design,but what stops most of us is the idea of punishment (ie death) be it social death or physical death, but hey sceptilief hows it hanging other wise?your always good for a decent conversation.

Thanks Dank. I'm hangin (must be the warm weather and these loose shorts ;) )

I wasn't actually calling your names. By the time I posted my reply, there were other posts already posted. And I shouldn't call names really. Just feeling frustrated with the general lack of People's motivation to keep personal and community sovereignty. Day after Day after Fucking day, I watch and monitor those around me and those in our global community online, only to keep on hearing this ideal that somehow a larger authoritative body can save us.

You see, when requesting the government to do something like murdering criminals, you are making a request of a fictional entity, of which any person can be in charge (theoretically), to make a decision on the most precious of all gifts: Life.

Now, while the current government may be run by an altruistic benevolent leader, who would only authorize honestly just use of this 'capital punishment', the problem arises when some new person moves into this position that is already padded with extreme authority, because there is no assurance that their agenda is altruistic and benevolent.

But, as I said before, if any of these dangerous guys impose their will onto your will and your right to safety and life, than damn right, Shoot the fucker in the head! I'm all for vigilante justice for these fuckers!

So, no hard feelings. Appologies for the crude language and names in my previous post. But I beg of you, DO NOT give the government any more power than they have already.

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PostFri Aug 13, 2010 10:03 pm » by Freeyourmindnow


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PostFri Aug 13, 2010 10:22 pm » by Mochon

every govt has commited athrocities now they r only lookiing for a reason to justify....reminds me of nietzche....would you sacrifice the handicaped and leave the ill to die for continous improvement of the specie?

i wouldnt....


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