WOW - 1,000 ancient rock paintings found in East China!!!

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1,000 ancient rock paintings found in east central China
May, 06 2010

Peoples Daily Online
Archaeologist Ma Baoguang recently found some 1,000 hieroglyphic rock paintings in Yangce Town, Biyang County of east central China's Henan province, acording to the report from


Ma went to Yangce with his students for an archaeological investigation on the eve of the May Day holiday. They spent over a week there and have found approximately 1,000 rock paintings of various types within an area of 5 square kilometers in villages such as Chenzhou, Tangligou, Xuzhuang, Leigutai, Anzhai, and Guogang.

Ma told reporters that he was deeply impressed by a large cambered stone which is 8 meters long and 3.7 meters wide. There are more than 500 small craters of different sizes on the surface of the stone and several relatively larger craters that are 13 to 20 centimeters in diameter and three to seven centimeters in depth. These craters are connected by various lines, forming a very large ancient diagram (as shown in the above picture).

"It is quite incredible that a large stone goat carries 'Hetu and Luoshu' (map of the Yellow River and the book of the Luo River) on its back," Ma said.

The neck and back of the stone goat are carved with many craters. This is the first time that a Juci Mountain-style rock painting has been found on a stone animal, which is extremely rare and valuable. ... China.html
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China is in many ways a miniature world, we should study the history of China to avoid the same misakes on a much larger scale.
It was a very innovative/seeking mix of great minds time after time, then it all collapsed because of 1 idiot, (+countless friends), that set a new standard for stupid selfsentered egoenvy.

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