wow, i had no idea....

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PostMon Jan 03, 2011 12:52 pm » by Giusdude ... violations
i can't believe people are even allowed to write garbage like this without paying the consequences. I had never seen this website before. It just reinforces what I tought of this scum all along: scammer, racist, fear mongering cult leader.
I feel SAD foe the people that follow him. They must be really confused and gullible and easy to take advantage of. I mean, you have to be somehow "wrong" in your head to believe that a "superior race" contacts an illiterate in the austrian mountains so that he, in turn, can guide the world population to a better future. first step: eliminate about 5 and a half BILLION people. because 529 million is the limit of people for this planet.....
like i said: wow....

for the mods: please feel free to move this to any section you feel it's more appropriate, i put it here, but it could sit very well in the hoax/disinfo section...
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PostMon Jan 03, 2011 9:29 pm » by Punjedi

912 brainless fools who obviously signed themselves up to be the first to go.

Well at least volunteering hasn't died.

Good riddance! How dare anyone say that there is to be a 'limit' of our species? Excuse me? Maybe that is why we were given INFINITE FRIGGIN RESOURCES IN THE UNIVERSE!!!

but thanks to greedy politics and corrupt greedy rulers, we spend our time fighting and warring on this small little rock instead of expanding.

Obviously we humans like to procreate beyond reason, so instead of killing us all off (real nice Bill, you wack) maybe we can just invest in our future of exploration and expand throughout this almost infinite environment.
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PostMon Jan 03, 2011 9:55 pm » by Phaeton

Indeed, preposterous..
They create a vile situation, then proceed to state "we need to start murdering the lot of you to regain any value of life.. Regain the Earth.." They do thesame with religion you know, infiltrate, twist and manipulate, then proceed to point the finger at their own element and say "Look, religion is the cause of all this bs / suffering, lets just end it".

Got to hand it to them, they have a devious talent for planning / manipulating.
Sadly for them, G*D is the greatest of planners. :flop:
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PostMon Jan 03, 2011 10:15 pm » by Stratafire

Reality is an infinite environment, but when the "here and now" colloquial reference is in the form of "lack of resources", and presented to others in a religion (such as the one you posted about), well what could you expect to happen?

People become desperate, in so doing, they reach out to all who do a magic trick of "showing them a hand of kindness" while holding a "whip" in the other one behind their back..

I have seen people (and groups of people) shut down their morality, for just the "hope" of receiving a loaf of bread, much less a place to sleep, or a set of cloths to wear..

Fear is the culprit behind many of the inhumanities preached by others, and it is a fear, that is "self propagating" from those that can only see the "here and now", look to the past,and forsake any form of future thinking (forethought processing) as the groundwork of fear, is laid by "doubt" which leads to self depreciating "apprehension", and it is apprehension that is the glue that binds fear to ones "self"..

All those people in that particular "cult" fear not only the world around them, but "themselves" as well, as the actions recommended by the "leader" rub "hard" against ones own understanding of morality, kindness, and forgiving, leading to a "mantra" held above their heads called "justification" (the very road to all tyranny felt in the present, the past, and in the future)

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