Wow! Iphone 5 prototype leaked video!

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PostThu Sep 01, 2011 9:40 pm » by SUKHOV

dmtwelve wrote:Neato, reminds me of the Mozilla Seabird prototype, which personally I find more impressive if it ever actually comes to fruition.

Also this trend in making electronics as small and thin as possible is getting quite annoying, I want something that I can actually hold, not a playing card that I would be worried about dropping or snapping in half every time I use it.

Woah that thing is super cool!
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PostThu Sep 01, 2011 9:43 pm » by Hackjames

travvysavvy wrote:it depends on when they want to release it.
they have price points to think about, usability, practicality and such.

Those are the biggest considerations, besides the actual implementation.

Volumetric holograms have several hurdles before they're considered for mass production, and figuring out how to display something on nothing (except air) is not a small issue.
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PostThu Sep 01, 2011 9:44 pm » by Mrmcnuggets


If it wasn't something that generally could be possible today too, where'd our virtual reality mahines go that were made in '91? then alone, based off the simplistic motherboards and graphics cards they already knew how to place one, any one, in any game, where any movement done is portrayed through the game.

Now wouldn't that be a digital hologram of us into a computer? Off of that, and the tech we now have today, I can say that's definitely the answer. FYI, what do you think the 9(+) sightings of the virgin Mary coming out of the sun were? Or any UFOs over a battlefield? Simply a test to see how well we can believe their real life holograms projected on us, to simply show the "proof" to subject us into suppression.
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