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PostSat Aug 22, 2009 2:57 pm » by Stone069

darrylmckay wrote:
stone069 wrote:I believe that people coddling criminals is what encourages them to commit second and third offenses. Prisoner in the states can go to college while inside prison and when they get out they do not have student loans to pay. FREE college, three hots and a cot, and all they have to do is roll some old lady for her purse.

That not entirely true is it, I think keeping people locked in cells for 23 hours a day and treating them like animals is what makes them reoffend.
Now I am all for locking people in a cell for 23 hours a day, but not people who are eventually going to be released, people who are child molesters, serial rapists, murderers fo women, should never get out, but the others who you are going to release need some kind of support.

Now the Lockerbie bomber should never have gotten out, what do you have to do to get life in prison and it mean LIFE.

How does a person who murdered 270 innocent people get "compassion".........oh thats right he just has to come from a country that has oil that BP wants.

In the states, having been in prison is a badge of honor to these punks who commit these crimes. We don't live in a perfect society. Yes being locked up 23 hours a day must suck, but they chose to do the crime so, what do you recommend as punishment? If you can come up with a better system , lets hear it.

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PostSat Aug 22, 2009 3:10 pm » by Rogerrabbit

hi i made theis post on tuesday as i thought this would happen

im guessing he didnt show remourse as he didnt do it in the first place is my thinking
htere is so much info on this out on the web from did isreal do it as the us blew up a passenger plane of theres 1 month befor by mistake...

lots of very high ranking people in the uk have spoken of alot of unheard evidance that would have cleared him of the crime that was due to come out at the appeal so as not to shame the court proses ad our governments i guess they came up with a deal to silance everything hey?

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PostSat Aug 22, 2009 3:25 pm » by Towelie

Stone069 i agree with almost everything youve said(99% :) ,) ive no compassion for a convicted mass murderer, and the guy should rot in jail, alone.
I dont realy agree with the way the system works in most cases, i dont think locking people up for 23hrs does any good, but this case is different, hes not just a purse snatcher, so a pitch black cell with bread and water till the day he dies would be fine by me.
Kill em all and let god sort them out!

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PostSat Aug 22, 2009 3:27 pm » by Wolfbane7272

loveandlight wrote:
dj637 wrote:thats for his god to decide, an eye for an eye and all that???

umm No this is for man to decide !
this is not an issue for god and if it was what do i do send him a letter ?
no this is an issue for mankind it is through things like this that we learn grow and become better people

religion is just a tool of control for the goverments to control your thinking now i do believe in a GOD but not in the conventional sense which is rammed down peoples throats before most of them are old enough to decide for themselves and are brainwashed into believing info past down from generation to generation with no proof!

and im sure if god was involved he would say "i made you able to think for yourselves for a reason ! not so u would come and ask me everytime you found an issue that is challenging"

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i dont think that most people who are religious in the conventional sense are brainwashed ..i mean if we were to say that then lets look at history and evolution ,science and yes religion ..all of them have gone through their radical new discoveries and is it rewritten in the text books ? no ...how many scientific discoveries or historical discoveries have been ommited throught our history ..is that not brainwashing as well ? im not religious by the way spiritual yes //but i think that there is some merit to these religious stories ..and hey a few bad apples ( religious nuts ) spoil the bunch not the religion its self ..i think religion is self interpative .
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