WTC 7 Window Shot ...Slow Motion

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Sort of old news .............posted by kevin604bc ;

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Eloquently said by others .................. :flop:

Eerie as shit seeing a perfectly intact building just go down into its own footprint like that. It's almost like a hole opened up and swalled the building. Our great-great grandchildren are going to look at the 9/11 event and KNOW that their forefathers were fucking mentally retarded to accept what we are being told about the 9/11 event.

It is impossible for joe-average to even start to process the idea that 911 was mil/industr op to ignite some fresh conflicts. I bet they felt threaten because the cold war had ended. They needed a new enemy and look at us now. It is west vs east again (far enough from th US) and how happy they are it is not that cold as the war before...

More than half the country has no idea that WTC7 fell that day. Most people have no clue about what really happened. With that said, I cant really do much with this situation except to tell as many people as I can. If you are so sick of it then why did you click on it. It wasn't a secret what you would be watching. Just keep your mouth shut and keep drinking the koolaid. ... ow_Motion/

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