WTF...Dtv 3.0...??

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PostSun Oct 07, 2012 11:48 pm » by Fatdogmendoza

Vulcanic wrote:

Disclosetv wrote:

Vulcanic wrote:Looks good but still see the same issues, the search never pulls up anything to do with what i put it the search.

I don't see how many views total my videos have had, was that feature removed? i was over 3million.

I been trying to find my favorite list too but havn't located it yet.

but the new look looks cool :flop:

Good to see you back (uploading interesting videos)!

Search: Really? IMHO search got a lot better. You can filter the search result by video, relevance, date and much more. Give it a second try.

Total views: Uh, thanks. Will be working on this. Got lost in the update somewhere.

Favourites: Just click on "My Profile" (at the top of the screen) and scroll down to your favourites (press on MORE)

New look: Thanks. We put A LOT of dedication, passion and work into DTV 2.0 ... well, its 2.483 already ;)

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I only tryed the search a few times but the name of the video i was looking for was the video i made called forum it doesn't come unless i'm doing something wrong?This is the video

I got 80 pages of videos, when i go in my videos it has the pages on the bottom 12345 when you click on 5 it shows 34567 then i click on 7 it shows 56789, it takes super long for me to get to page 80 going 2 pages at a time. unless i'm not seeing something? i looked for oldest video but didn't see it only new, hot today ect ect. i think you used to have it like 1234 80 last one was the last page, but was still hard to get to page 40 is there a easyer way?

Ja, the pagination sucks a little. Added this to the list for DTV 3.0. The member pages will be revised in the coming content update.

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