WTF happened to codex alimentarius?

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In The Netherlands they are already using it for quit a while now (geneticly modified food that is), and they are trying to broaden this to more foodsources before the year 2012...

Dutch official healthcentrum website with information: (use google translator if you really want to find something out about this subject from people who are in the buisness) ... s-het.aspx

What is it?
Genetic modification is also called 'modern biotechnology' or 'genetic engineering'. Opponents tend to have the "genetic manipulation". But where is it all about? The essence is that genes from one organism into another organism are directly placed. A living organism is all from one bacterium to plants, animals and humans. Each gene makes a protein or enzyme to which a particular cell properties. Thus hereditary characteristics of living organisms are added or even eliminated.

Differences with other techniques
It is not new that people techniques to the genetic material of living organisms to influence. This is done for centuries: by hybridizing plants (breeding) and animal breeding. Breeding and crosses are classic examples of biotechnology. On some points that distinguishes itself from traditional genetic engineering techniques:

1. The genetic material (DNA) is immediately changed.
In plant and animal breeding characteristics are not immediately changed. The offspring of an experiment must first be crossed or bred further. Only after a few generations the desired effect is achieved. Genetic modification has immediate effect.

2. It is possible to introduce genes originally not in the kind occur.
In traditional breeding and breeding within the species can only be crossed. In genetic engineering genes can come from any living organism from bacteria, yeasts and fungi to plants, animals and humans. A gene from one animal can be used in a plant and vice versa. It is also possible to build properties that come from more than one organism. Plants and animals with genetically modified material are therefore also called "transgenic" said: the transfer of genes such boundaries.

3. There are many focused changes.
In traditional plant breeding and animal breeding two plants or animals of the same species crossed, which combines features of both parents yields. Not all properties are desirable. It is uncertain what result is achieved. With genetic engineering it is possible to build very specific genes or off. This can also be multiple.


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