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tinman4higher wrote:How is it that we are so far from the truth that people with fucked ideas like santa claus and god command such power in our society? Surely at some point rational people will stand up and say enough is enough.No fucking more.Surely there are people at the helm of society that are able. Why aren't these able people willing to stand up and stop this mess.THERE IS NO GOD AS WE UNDERSTAND IT. How is this still being discussed? It is certainly absurd.

It really isn't December.- December is only a concept. When you understand this you will understand how religion is also a concept....

well. first of all ... Santa Claus was made up for the stores to sell there stuff...(capitalisim)
And secondly... Havent people already kicked God out of most of the picture? ( your so called rational people??)
kicked him out of school.. no wonder we have children running around with half to no morals..
granted.. that is for the parents to teach.. not the schools.. but parents that just sit around and dont teach their children morals .. most of the time.. they let there kids learn from other kids or hey.. just turn on the T.V.. and let them watch the crap that the media wants them to believe in.. People who Dont believe in a creator..(God).. have kicked him out of the Goverment.. ( unless your in the court.. than they want you to Swear on the bible??)
I believe that each individual has the right to believe or have faith in anything they want..
There comes a time in your life.. when your in trouble.. and scared.. worried about your life being taken..and its funny that the first thing that comes out of nonbelievers mouths are>>>God Help Me!! God seems only convienient to those who want something.. any other time.. they dont have the time for him.... So, If you dont have the time for him.. then mabey He just wont have the time for you either..
I went from not really knowing if he existed... To KNOWING.. ( this one is not a debate!!)
So I have to say.. that the belief that I once had.. its no longer a belief.. but a KNOWING.

I know this will probably scorn alot of nonbelievers.. but like i said.. I have gone from believeing ... to KNOWING. and there is NO debateing that with me..couldnt convence me other wise..... because My Creator has already bet ya to it !!

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"MEMBER". I love your screen name!
Around conservatives I sound like a liberal, and around liberals I sound like a conservative.


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