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Icarium wrote:I give the fossil record a lot more credence than you do and also the amount of people that a piece of disinfo reaches is irrelevant, even if only 1 person hears it it is still disinfo. And saying that evolution says it can change one species to another is a classic creationist straw man argument, any off spring of any animal is clearly not a different species and no evolutionist claims this. A series of tiny iterations carried out over 100's of thousands of years accumulate to create a drastically different creature, that is simply not saying that species trans form and is playing with semantics.
Creationism is typical of the kind of superstition that has held mankinds' development back for so many dark years and id also typical of the anti-science movement that is so prevalent in the US.
Any evolutionist science is held to a level of examination that creationism simply does not receive, it has to be peer reviewed and there is a Nobel prize waiting for anyone who makes any discovery that can be ascertained to disprove any major element of this theory, it would be career making. Admittedly the very slowness that typifies evolutionary effects is a problem when it comes to verification of theory. And whereas there is dishonesty in science (you really should read the interview I posted under "The dogmatic nature of modern science" it is a truly fascinating interview with an absolute top scientist) it tends to arise under special interest areas (e.g. the suppression of LENR science carried out by MIT who even held a party for the death of cold fusion, hardly neutral now) and funding issues and I hardly feel evolution falls in this area.

Nevermind evolving into just a different species. In order for the Theory of Evolution to work a species would have to eventually evolve into a whole different classification of animal in the Animal Kingdom. The Theory of Evolution is based on this.

I dont think anyone, evolutionist or otherwise claims any off spring of any animal is a different species of that offspring. Wording it in this way is a play on semantics, as you say.

And yes they do literally change into a different species and are labeled as such in the fossil record.

Yes, a series of tiny iterations carried out over 100's of thousands of years accumulate to create a drastically different creature IS saying that species transforms. And according to evolution, it can transform all the way from sea creature to a land animal. Or all the way from a microbe to eventually a human being.

Can things evolve in this way? Hell if I know.

Im not arguing against evolution but this "straw man" argument is in fact how evolution is supposed to work.


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