Yeti Is Real Says Russian Professor

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Yeti Is Real Says Russian Professor, DNA Proves It, Village To Be Built Dedicated To Kuzbass Bigfoot In Siberia

A whole village will appear at Sheregesh ski resort in Kuzbass dedicated to Yeti. The project is being developed by one of hotel complexes of the resort.

The press service of the regional administration said that there will be houses for tourists, a chain of restaurants, health care centers, an entertainment center for children - the Yeti Park - and the residence of Yeti in the village.


Credit: Pravda

The whole project has been designed mostly for children. There is a program to "hunt" for the Yeti in the village: "The Path of the Shaman" and visiting a tall tent, where fairy tales characters will be playing games with children.

Noteworthy, in October last year, specialists of the Russian State Hydro-Meteorological University and the Zoological Institute completed the study of DNA fragments of wool that were found in the Azassky Cave (the Kemerovo region) during last-year's expedition to find the Yeti.

The researchers came to conclusion that ten hairs in their possession did not belong to a human being. "They are from a mammal, but it is not a bear, goat, wolf, or any other animals inhabiting the territory," chief researcher of the University, Doctor of Biological Sciences Valentin Sapunov said.

Professor Sapunov claims DNA checks on hair samples from the remote cave show it belong to an unknown human-like mammal. He maintains a population of 200 Yetis are alive and well in the forested Kemerovo, Khakassia and Altai regions of Siberia.

According to Sapunov, hair of the Kuzbass Bigfoot does not belong to bears, wolves, mountain goats and other animals in the region of the Mountain Shoria, He says the genetic composition of the Kuzbass Bigfoot DNA is closer to the people, than to the animals.

location of cave in red ... ia.svg.png

Sources: Pravda
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