You Are Being Lied To About The Nature Of DNA

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PostFri Jun 29, 2012 12:03 am » by Newearthman

Samuelthemule wrote:
Seriouscitizen wrote:
Newearthman wrote:I'm just starting to watch now but the way I see it is this : You don't have to study every book or travel across the world to gain knowledge...we already have all the knowledge in us to solve any problem we face but it takes the simple mind of a child to allow these thoughts to flow freely through our mind. If we are constantly in a state of stress or fear than in a way we are imprisoning our own mind and spirit.

This is true,. it takes the mind of a child to understand and the reason and speed of thought of a pure soul to feel and explain it like this man did. This is the stuff that will wake the sheeple up i hope.. He has proven that dissection of matter will only bring you a truth you already know in your heart. The power of love and fear!
By analyzing your own fears and other feelings you will know much of our reality. We can use our selfs and nature as an anology for every creation.

beautiful you two,

well, i just felt like saying i noticed how creative you get when you love,

you find a way to say the unsayable

you find a way to point out the invisible.

the mind of a child sees with its whole being, and does so at a good pace... indeed, if we can admit we are vulnerable to far greater forces within the universe, and that we are protected, and can protect others, we will know more of the glories of god.

an important lesson i learned today though, is that the pent up rage and anger must come out, it must flow, it can be channeled and directed, but not suppressed, it can be used for good, as fuel, or one can keep suppressing it, until one explodes.

i think it would be good for us if we all used our fuel a bit more, with the guidance of love.


We love you too Sam :cheers:



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