you never saw the world Leaders like this!

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PostWed Nov 16, 2011 11:28 pm » by Mrmcnuggets

zebra9 wrote:wow ....... wtf is goin on , ,,, i need my own island

best not be gettin any ideas of comin this way :yell:

this shit.. is wack lol. Have they seen this? Is that them posing for pictures? LMFAO.... oh... we're fucked. :lol:
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PostWed Nov 16, 2011 11:39 pm » by Flipper

Oh come on, it was just a kiss with no tongue involved. I thought us Aussies were prudes. :dancing: time to duck :peep:

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PostThu Nov 17, 2011 12:53 am » by Chronicnerd

First off... what I am about to type is ~total~ real evidence and is pretty much just a weird feeling...

So, we got a guy coming out with artifacts that have been carbon dated to be old enough (how old I don't remember nor do I have time to go dig it up) to be considered/called an "artifact"... and they are depicting aliens using the Sun as a gateway.

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We have a soldier, whom many from his home town said he is more patriotic than most and it is very unlikely that he would ever commit a crime of "espionage". However, his *crime* was sending a message (email) to his mother stating in a part:
"Prepare for the end of the world..."
Greg Rinckey, an attorney who specializes in courts-martial, states, "The Army is very serious about prosecuting any types of espionage, or leaks or any type of mishandling of sensitive material."

"The Army wants to send a message to other soldiers that this is not acceptable, and it will be dealt with extremely harshly."

This is where it gets interesting.

A Federal Security Services or (FSB) report circulating the Kremlin states that the US Military went into a "panic" when a soldier e-mailed his mother to "prepare for the end of the world."


We have world leaders...of the oddest combinations...Highest Muslim faith kissing highest of level Catholic faith? (The Pope and Ahmed Mohamed el-Tayeb)

We now know our Moon is actually orbiting "wrong" (I knew this actually awhile back when the lunar cycles were strangely off...I sometimes go out and check out the moon with my telescope)...

So... either the leaders are trying to put on a public display of affection due to circumstances of "dire" conditions...or...mad cows disease has truly taken its foot hold amongst the leaders of the world (this last part is more a joke...but it is seemingly insane...I mean...I like seeing our leaders not yelling at each other and showing signs of affection...but this is a little bit "over the top"...a hug would be a nice start)

Is it just me...and definitely read the "Prepare for the world to end" news snippet...there is some very odd military movement in ... very odd places of deployment...but it just me...or does this seem like someone...somewhere in the "higher echelon" of "top secret" clearance has either decoded some message and realized that it said something to the effect of: "We are coming back you can be peaceful or we will enforce world peace for you." (or something to that effect)....??

Military deployment...*just in case*
Moon cycle off...due to a large mass body...calculated via a laser measurement...
(Full reasearch paper mirrored here:
And now we have the world leaders...known to be historically "enemies" one another smooches? Not only this...but wanting to make it a "campaign"?

Hmmm... either that soldier knows for a fact that something wicked this way comes...or the world is slowly losing its mind...

I for one... think something very up... this just doesn't make much sense...



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