You're living in a computer simulation, and math proves it

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PostWed May 25, 2011 10:14 pm » by G3n3sis

This is one of the most amazing and thought provoking posts in a long time, you sir, have made my day :pray:
"The Sign of an Educated Mind is that, Which can Entertain a Notion or Idea Without Accepting it"

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PostWed May 25, 2011 10:31 pm » by G3n3sis

What if past lives and reincarnation are the different roles of people as NPCs or characters?
What if secret groups of wise men and women talked about in occult circles are in-fact the admins of the virtual world? - i.e. like Count St. Germain
How will Terabyter's avoid over exposure to electromagnetic fields? - we all know how dangerous mobile phones can be.
Treabyters may some day redefine what it means to be human. Perhaps reality is a monopoly on experience and as creators, produce profit or new ideas for a clandestine corporation. Trapping unwilling people into holograms.
Perhaps im just talking nonsense or maybe ive popped a pill and pierced a veil :)
"The Sign of an Educated Mind is that, Which can Entertain a Notion or Idea Without Accepting it"

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PostWed May 25, 2011 10:42 pm » by FullDisclosure

smokeydog wrote:the moon is a giant computer according to sum theorys projecting this image so maybe hes right maybe we should blow up the moon and see what happens whos with me?

One huge discontinuity here.... If we are in a simulation, the moon we see is also a simulation and we wouldn't be destroying anything that actually exists... :owned:

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PostThu May 26, 2011 12:53 am » by Chronicnerd

Oh... brain candy time?

Well...all I know is this:

The brain can actually think much faster than we all know...when you learn to catch a ball, at first you might be like "Ok, hand in front...keep the eye on the ball...and catch!"
After awhile, you just gaze in the general direction and catch the ball... if someone tosses something at typically have your hands out before you realize you are trying to catch/deflect what is heading your direction.

A study on the brain:
(20 million billion calculations per second)
I think we are at TeraFlops right now... and the brain is at a million billion... so computers have a ways to catch up.
** Correction It is PetaFlops **
Which is 360 trillion operations a second...or 36,000 million operations per second...which is approaching the million billion operations/calculations per second...but still has a ways to go...

Your nerve endings and muscles slow your brain down...however your brain actually does some impressive "precognitive" calculations that some think it actually "predicts the future":

If that isn't enough... we already are *well* on our way to having thoughts injected into the human mind via electromagnetic waves...

Now here is the part (did research on this a long time ago so I might have a hard time finding the references) that will make things a bit funky:

As a primer:

The human mind can process signals much faster than it "normally" does... the human neuron is actually very fast with communication and filtering/directing energy to other neurons. The thing that slows it down (based on what we typically call reality) are:

Site, Touch, Sound, and the like:
Your eye's "rods and cones" take awhile to react to the incoming light, generate a biologically induced potential difference, trigger the attached nerve ending which then races to the visual processing portion of the brain. The actual path would be:
Light comes in through the retina and is focused on the cones that are attached to the rods which have nerve endings on them. These nerve endings stretch to the thalamus, which acts like a "input de-multiplexer/router" filters senses and sends them to the appropriate region of the brain in the proper "format". The time it takes to enter the eye, induce the charge, reach the thalamus, and then get "routed" to the right location is much longer than if the Thalamus was directly stimulated. This goes for all of the senses but smell...smell is a different animal...

The idea is that bypassing the incoming signals to the Thalamus would be as difficult as monitoring the nerves/signals coming from the Eyes and Ears (for this one example)...which we already know we can do at a lesser resolution than required for "full reality"...but the working concepts of this are already being used. In other words...not as difficult as we might have thought 10 to 20 years ago. The second thing would be to take that signal, create an "anti-signal" (inverted version) and inject it into the nerve endings receiving the signal...this is as hard as creating a focused electromagnetic potential difference...

How would you do this?

Bell labs was "holding single atoms" in place by using lasers with a modulation applied that could create a "difference of potential" at any one point and on an atomic scale. This took place back in the early 1990's and now is something that is used in many different applications for manipulating matter. However, the same theory could be applied using a lower frequency than light (so you don't burn a hole in your head) and generate the "difference of potential" close to the synaptic cleft in order to generate a signal/trigger for that neuron.

What the hell does all of this mean?
The brain can process information much faster than we can receive it in this body/reality.

We are reaching levels of understanding the brain, monitoring the electromagnetic signals, as well as understanding them enough where we could generate our "own signals".

Injecting signals into the brain is only a matter of time...not if...but when...or how long until.

At that point, you can record a person's experience (i.e. Videodrome) and play it back at a "higher speed" than it was recorded...because the brain "adapts" to the changes...

It is called: "Perceptual Adaptation"

Once this could live the lives of several people by the time you are ten and then enter the "real world" with all of this knowledge and life more making a mistake that screws your life up forever...just go to "Life School" and basically live potentially hundreds of lives in order to be a "well rounded" member of society.

We don't use the entire brain...yet...but the whole concept of "super-humans" and "super-advanced races" has to stem from somewhere. The amount of information needed to get along in society via the means in which we currently teach our children has a "limit" on it based on Time...and this in how long does it take to learn simple math? How long until you are doing Calculus Level 3 math? How long until you are able to calculate quantum entanglement related math with the require physics knowledge?

What if that only took a month as opposed to 20 years?

How fast would the human race evolve?

Want to keep kids from becoming a murderer or rapist? Well, in the more advanced classes you would experience several lives that gave you a better understanding of not only the attacker's perspective (in the distant future emotions would be included) but as well the victim's better understand actions and their reactions.

Of course, this requires that everyone have their brain's monitored/recorded...because once you go through the process once...if your mind is being recorded during that period...then the person who experiences your life gains your past knowledge and experience as well as all of the lives you experienced "virtually".

When this happens the human race will be *way* beyond anything we, today, could understand...probably with a new language that is much more efficient or perhaps a form of telepathy or just "knowing"...or even possibly a direct feed to other "linked" members...sort of like "Facebook"...but with the ability to perceive everything they are perceiving.

Computers? They are just the representation of the fundamental capability for intelligence within this reality. The concepts are the same...transistors vs neurons...they both act as "gates" for electrical impulses...1's and 0's... one is made of more organically formed carbon that has potasium and sodium on either side of the membrane (to induce the potential difference) and the other has carbon with doped silicon materials that require an external charge at the base in order to open or close (NPN or PNP) the gate. Same thing is happening...electrical current moves through space...

Computers are a very crude representation of how one can create "intelligent" objects in this reality... Humans are elegantly formed biological entities that formed over billions of years (or so we think)...both need energy to uses food...another uses the wall outlet...both do calculations and both utilize the same related physics principles we are bound to within this reality.

So...the entire universe a computer simulation? Oh...why not...but not the kind of computer you might be thinking of... perhaps more of an induced space-time plane that has specific "rules" applied to it with "energy" being the core/fundamental widget/bit that is "influenced" by the rules of the Universe...

Eventually the energy is going to follow the rules...and over time...create mass bodies...that then host life...that then create more types of life/intelligence...that eventually become either extinct or so intelligent that maybe they create their "own dimension" with controlled energy "widgets/bits" that follow similar rules and form "smaller versions" of the containing universe. The new universe and any life that formed within that (remember once in a simulation you can let it run at a faster speed than the one you are currently within) universe would not think their universe was "small" because it would be huge to them...and the containing Universe would not even be "possible" to view...but the life would still be

Anything is possible within the fundamental properties of physics/rules of this Universe. Typically...if you can think of it...some form of that thought can be accomplished...and more than likely...given enough time...the entire thought can be accomplished. As long as it follows the "rules"...

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PostThu May 26, 2011 1:03 am » by Mozi!!a

Researchers Set New Record for Data Transfer Using a Single Laser: 26 Terabytes-per-second


The technology could make its way into commercial use and be integrated into silicon chips.

Researchers at the Karlsruhe Institute of Technology in Germany haven’t hit 100Tbps yet, but they were able push 26Tbps using just one, lonely laser. The new single-laser fiber-optic speed record was set using a technique called fast Fourier transform that pulses light at an incredibly high rate with data encoded in 325 distinct colors across the spectrum. Can the age of the terabyter be far off?

A detector at the receiving end is able to distinguish between the various colored data streams, based on tiny differences in arrival time, and recombine them into a high-speed torrent of ones and zeros. The scientists behind the project believe that, eventually, the technology could make its way into commercial use and be integrated into silicon chips. Now, someone needs to hurry up and jack our FiOS connection into this thing — all this talk of terabits-per-second and graphene modulators, yet we’re still jealous of grandma Löthberg. ... th-just-a/

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PostThu May 26, 2011 1:07 am » by Tinman4higher

chronicnerd wrote:Oh... brain candy time?

Well...all I know is this:

Yada yada yada

Anything is possible within the fundamental properties of physics/rules of this Universe. Typically...if you can think of it...some form of that thought can be accomplished...and more than likely...given enough time...the entire thought can be accomplished. As long as it follows the "rules"...

Wow, great reply.
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PostThu May 26, 2011 1:57 am » by 99socks

I wonder how much the quantum junkies are going to latch on to this...

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PostThu May 26, 2011 2:08 am » by X-mog

Most people around here don't respect David Icke. Awful Jack-ass. Check out this thread debunking his claims: :nwo:

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PostThu May 26, 2011 2:22 am » by Garciaface

One thing I find interesting about this post is the fact that math does rule over everything we do and along with harmonics and radio frequencies, everything about our lives is so similar to a computer program and technology that I’ve concluded that we are robots with the most complicated and advanced computer is the Universe as a brain.

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PostThu May 26, 2011 2:40 am » by Nightfallen

Excellent post. This theory has actually always crossed my mind. What if when we die we wake up from the true dream? Or what if every time we fall asleep over here, we wake up in the real world?
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