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You have to sign up as a member to get an analysis but it's free and easy to do! This is my report. I highlighted the parts that where bang on.

The following pages describe the major astrological factors that you will be experiencing throughout your life. These pages can give you insight into the challenges that you will encounter and the underlying lessons that they offer you. For the most part, these factors will require you to go through various phases in life and pursue your own pot of gold.

This report encourages you to embrace all life experiences wholeheartedly and quickly adept to changing times and situations as they come until you become strong enough to challenge them and make a difference. One of the most important steps you can take towards achieving your greatest potential in life is to learn to monitor your attitude and its impact on your work performance, relationships and everyone around you.

Read your birth chart analysis report over once now to get a general overview. Then, as the issues described in this report begin to appear in your life, you can refer back to this report for suggestions on how to best handle the changes that you are experiencing. Even the worst astrological combination can be a valuable experience if you are prepared enough to positively grasp the lesson that it offers.

Now on to your birth chart analysis report.'s Birth Chart Analysis
May 26, 1982 3:20 AM (UTC -7)
123°7′W 49°14′N

Chart Details
Jyotish - Equal House, North Indian Style

The Sun in astrology represents Soul and is the source of all inspirations, creativity, consciousness, love, truth, nobility, expression and rationality. Sun teaches us to pursue a disciplined and performance oriented attitude. The position of Sun in your birth chart tells about your attitude, life purpose, likes and dislikes and style.

Sun is in 3rd House.
You tend to experience restlessness whenever there is a dearth of activity in life or if you are stuck in the same environment for too long. You are quite adept in getting easily accustomed to new surroundings. You believe in sharing your knowledge with the people. The need to acquire knowledge is quite prominent in your life as you are very inquisitive. You should be proud of your ability to communicate your knowledge with others. You have expectations to excel in everything that you do. You equate competency with experience and during the early phase of your life you begin the journey of comprehending people. The growth in your life can be assessed through the amount of knowledge gained and communicated by you.

Sun is in Taurus
You have an air of reliability and sensibility about that makes you quite valuable. You have an inherent urge to create and build stuff that is why you are impeccable when it comes to managing money, men and tasks. You are quite attracted by the luxuries that come with money and are ready to work for them. You also have a hospitable, and a epicurean side to your personality and have a tremendous urge for physical pleasure. You are consistent with whatever they do or say, as you don't have a tendency to change opinion; your temper is also quite distinctive – short burst with no prior caution.

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The Moon in astrology represents Mind and is the source all intuitions, motivations, emotions, happiness, bliss, beauty and practicality. Moon teaches us to have a thoughtful approach towards life through clarity and self control. The position of Moon in your birth chart tells about your deepest personal needs, basic habits and reactions, and the unconscious.

Moon is in 4th House.
You are emotionally attached to things which remind you of your past, like the place where you were brought up, its culture, etc. It is difficult for you to incorporate changes in your habits that you displayed as a child. You are very attached to your mother or some other female figure. Most of the things that you do in life are because of the benefit of your family. Domestic issues always find a top priority in your life. You feel emotionally secure when the environment at home is good. You are very attached to your family and things related to history, genealogy, holds a lot of interest to you. You always feel the need to settle down in life and have a family of your own.Moon is in Gemini
You are adept in adapting yourself to any new environment and you like subjects related to literature. Your mind wanders all the time. You can set up a good satire on almost everything in life because you have the ability to assess things in a jocular manner. You have an eloquent nature but some times you can land up in trouble by getting involved with the wrong people and illegal acts. You are very inquisitive but once you have found the appropriate answer for your question, then you are no more interested in that particular subject, as your curiosity dies down.
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The Mercury in astrology represents Intellect and is the source of all curiosity, reasoning, skills, communication and mental processing. Mercury teaches us to make best use of our senses and expressions. The position of Mercury in your birth chart reveals your style of communication and various talents.

Mercury is in 3rd House.
Your mind is never at peace because you are always searching for new information to satiate your inquisitiveness. It is difficult for you to concentrate on a particular thing as you are interested in many other things and it is very easy for you get distracted. You have the capacity to grasp new piece of information quickly, and you also like to share your knowledge to people. If you can concentrate on a single goal, then you can turn your dreams into reality. You are quite witty and versatile. You are good at communication and also like to express your feelings through writing.

Mercury is in Taurus
You weigh each word before you speak so that you do not make the wrong impression among people. You cannot do things in a swift manner but your eye for details, makes up for the lack of speed. If you have a specific goal in mind, then you take all your steps very carefully, as you do not want to falter. You are comfortable working in a situation where the people do not force you complete the work within a tight schedule. People might think that you are slow, but once you are acquainted with a particular subject then you can excel in the job with ease.
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The Venus in astrology represents Satisfaction and is the source of all affections, attractions, pleasures, enjoyments and comforts. Venus teaches us to experience true love in its all forms and manifestations. The position of Venus in your birth chart reveals connection of your heart with life experiences, harmony and peace.

Venus is in 2nd House.
You are fascinated with the material aspect of life. You can appreciate things that are beautiful. You possess excellent skill of distinguishing between the right and the wrong. During the early stages of life you will start to understand the value of money, and will be inclined in the area of finance. So, you give a lot of importance to the quality of a product when you are about to spend your money. If you spend you money in art, then with the due course of time their actual value will increase through which you can make profits. You should spend in accordance to your income and try not to go overboard with your expenditure. You believe that love should be expressed through tangible things like gifts. You love to lead a luxurious life. You should avoid be very possessive about the people who are close to you. People get attracted to you by your voice. You take a lot of time before taking the plunge into a relationship. In cases where you have taken a spontaneous decision to get involved in a relationship then your feelings towards your partners takes time to develop. People find it difficult to influence you because of your strong values.Venus is in Aries
Your impulsive nature often inspires you to search for variety especially in your romantic life. You do not find it difficult to make friends and you always want people to admire you. Your friends like you for your enthusiasm, and your colleagues like you for creating an energetic environment in the office. You are most likely to get married in an early age. You like to flaunt your assets, be it clothes, jewelry, or any other kind of luxury. You have an extravagant nature and believe that money can be earned and spent easily. You should try to avoid throwing tantrums to the people around you.

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The Mars in astrology represents Will and is the source of all action, energy, competition, fitness, well-being, sexuality and triumph. Mars teaches us to channelize our desires to achieve the significant. The position of Mars in your birth chart provides information about your strengths, weakness, determination and ability to struggle.

Mars is in 7th House.
You are a powerhouse of sexual energy and you can give the bunnies a run for their money! You always look for a partner who has the ability to throw challenges at you and especially a person who can stick to their point of view during conversation which essentially serves as a major turn on for you. A lot of conflict crops up in your life, because of your personal relationships. You will choose a partner who can bring your aggressive facet to the fore. If you want to have peaceful love life then learning and practicing the concept of compromise will help you in your endeavor. Before getting involved in an argument, just try to comprehend the point of view of the person concerned and then take necessary steps. You tend to get fascinated with people who have an aggressive nature. You easily get involved in arguments and also strike a chord with people who share this nature. You like to stay away from people who have a dominating nature. You invest lot of your time and energy in cultivating relationships. You can go out of your way to materialize the unison of relationships through marriages, etc.

Mars is in Virgo
You have a pragmatic approach towards life and most of your energy is concentrated on achieving your goals. You are good at multitasking, but there are times when you tend to take up too much of work, even with the knowledge that will not be able to do it on time, due to time crunch. You do not have an aggressive nature but you can be quite critical about others. You can get nervous easily and when you get annoyed with somebody, then you can get overtly critical about them. People might think that you are impulsive but in reality you plan all your moves.
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The Jupiter in astrology represents Wisdom and is the source of all knowledge, understanding, possibilities, hope and excellence. Jupiter teaches us to adopt an optimistic and righteous approach towards life. The position on Jupiter in your birth chart tells about your education, intellectual depth, fame, opportunities and growth.

Jupiter is in 8th House.
You can determine the superficial aspect of people and it is easy for you to assess the real persona of people despite the mask of superficiality. This quality will help you to excel in the world of business as you can easily assess the real situation which lies beneath the layers of lies and deceit. You are very good at making the right financial investments and make a good profit by doing the same with your and other people's money. You have the ability to use those ideas which are discarded by other people as they could not utilize it properly. You will earn a good fortune through sound financial investments, inheritance, etc.

Jupiter is in Libra
Moral values are important for you in any kind of relationships. You have the ability to alter the moral values of people around you. You are blessed with a lot of creativity. You are most likely to get married to somebody who is involved in some kind of social activity which can bring positive changes in the society, so that you can work together to improve the society. You can immediately identify an opportunity. You can influence people with ease. You should try to appreciate what you have, only then you can properly deal with the rough stages of life.

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The Saturn in astrology represents Structure and is the source of all laws of karma, limitations, eternity, immutability and perfection. Saturn teaches us the importance of hard work and patience. The position of Saturn in your birth chart tells us more about our personal limitations, detachments, fears and general difficulties.

Saturn is in 7th House.
You will get drawn to people who have a sardonic nature. You do not have many relationships because the moment you start to feel the responsibility is suffocating you, then you end the relationship abruptly, and hence you have a very less number of relationships in life. You hardly make any efforts to strike a chord with a person, which makes you look aloof and keeps you miles away from relationships. You should try to avoid this kind of approach in life. You must understand that you respect the concept of responsibility than most of the other people and hence you can prove to be a very good partner in a relationship because you will not shy away from the responsibilities that a relationship demands.

Saturn is in Virgo
If you want to attain success then you need to gain knowledge about possessing the appropriate attitude towards your colleagues. Through experiences you will learn to develop a practical approach towards business. You remain secretive about most of your affairs and feel that lack of energy is the reason behind all the difficulties in your life. You will make excuses of an illness (even when you are perfectly fine), when your plans go haywire, and the results are not as per your expectations. You are quite intelligent and are aware of all your follies. A little moral boost from your friends and family will help you go a long way.Back to Contents


Uranus is in 9th House.
You have no hang ups with concepts that are considered as taboo or unconventional by the society. You are quite passionate about involving yourself with new ideas. You like to travel, read, and interact with new people because it helps you in broadening your horizon. You do not like people who are narrow minded and even their outlook towards certain things makes you feel suffocated. Your nature inspires you to create a niche for yourself in an unconventional arena. You often search for opportunities which will give you the scope to expand your horizon, which is otherwise restricted by the mundane work of life.Uranus is in Scorpio
Your determination helps you to deal with any trouble that might surface in your life as you want to achieve your goals at any cost. You like to keep certain aspects of your life as a secret and you give a lot of attention to details. The subject of occult science draws your interest. Since you are susceptible to accidents, you should remain very careful as someday these accidents can prove to be fatal. You can remain focused towards your goals even when you experience tremendous amount of troubles. You are most likely to adopt unconventional ways to achieve your goals.

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Neptune is in 10th House.
You might be confused regarding issues related to your career which makes it difficult for you to select a particular career and stick to it. The image that you present to people is completely different from your personality in real life. You always cultivate goals which are difficult for you to fulfill. There will be times when the people around you will not be willing to appreciate you for your work. Due to your impractical nature, you have the strong urge to transform all your dreams into reality. A job which needs you to provide service to people like medicine, etc will be appropriate for you.

Neptune is in Sagittarius
You want to enlighten people about subjects related to religion and philosophy. You might try to accept or deny the usual philosophical ideas. Your philosophical ideas will be executed only when you feel that your experiences in life will help you to transform them into reality. You are generally not biased about any type of information and you take your time to analyze them fully before you make any opinion about it. You do not have a critical approach towards life. You can become very sensitive about issues related to freedom. You have a tolerant nature because you are not keen enough to gauge the details.Back to Contents


Pluto is in 8th House.
You are interested in the darker facet of life. You get attracted to situations that are mostly avoided by people. You are easily captivated by both the abuse and positive exploitation of power. You like to conduct an in depth research on issues related to death, as you find the subject of death very fascinating. You believe that changes are a part of life. At times you can anticipate the occurrence of certain changes in life. You have a lot of patience which helps you complete all the tasks undertaken by you. You like to help people to get out of trauma as you can understand their feelings very well. There can be chances where you can have differences with your partner because of power related matters. Problems in a relationship due to financial matters can arise if the expectation of both you and your partner remains unfulfilled. You are good at managing finances.

Pluto is in Libra
Relationships have a lot of significance in your life. You dedicate yourself completely to a relationship and try your best so that it does not falter. You take a lot of inspiration from your parent's relationship, and try to include their good qualities and avoid those aspects which have the capacity to ruin a relationship. You believe in the institution of marriage rather than the more unconventional types of relationships because you want to stick to the tried and tested formula of relationships. You consider marriages as an ideal nature of partnership. You want to have perfect relationships, and this displays the extreme side of your personality.

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The Rahu (or Moon's North Node) in astrology represents Desires and is the source of all things mysterious, obsessions and past-life events. Rahu teaches us to go along the life flow and embrace all experiences wholeheartedly. The position of Rahu in your birth chart reveals your deep cravings, passions and the extra ordinary.

The Ketu (or Moon's South Node) in astrology represents Objectivity and is the source of all detachments, undoing and purity. Ketu teaches us to adopt changes and be flexible in our approach towards life. The position of Ketu in your birth chart represents areas that are in excess and need to be let go to have space for the new.

Rahu is in 4th House - Ketu is in 10th House

Rahu is in Gemini - Ketu is in Sagittarius

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Future Predictions
General Trends and Analysis
May 26, 1982 3:20 AM (UTC -7)
123°7′W 49°14′N

Last 6 monthsCurrentNext 12 monthsNext 5 years
November, 2010
Once again, you'll have to focus your attention on money matters (legacies, trusts, loans or fund-raising) even though there may still be some health problems nagging at you. Pending matters may come to an end; there could be a death, a legacy causing you sorrow and joy/relief at the same time. Clearing out psychic "junk" or ridding yourself of bad habits may be part of the picture now. You are more willing than usual to explore life's secrets. This is an especially introspective month during which you have the chance to truly uncover your personal strengths and talents.

You may feel that you’re in the grip of a force beyond your control, since it is a time for great, perhaps even radical or drastic, changes in your material as well as emotional world. This month, a financial boost is likely, or you may expand money-wise all the way through your partner/associate. You are more tending to even differences in a partnership/relationship regarding the sharing of authority, intimacy matters, finances, and other emotionally-charged topics. Close relationships are intensified. Either you or your partner shall demand a deeper unification.

This month, you are more than ever passionate and daring. Some agitation and desire for exciting activity is experienced. Essentially, you are looking to expand your activities and opportunities for higher studies, travel or simply new subjects may be presented. You become aggressively involved in expanding your basic beliefs and your philosophies about life. You may find someone that you are willing to follow; this person may be a spiritual guru or a business mentor. Creative projects can flourish with enlarged focus and redoubled efforts that somehow don't tire you out.

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I'd rather not, thanks. Anyone trying to sell me information about me is not so nice.

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I think I'm the one in the best position to know about myself :wink:
By all means let's be open-minded, but not so open-minded that our brains drop out.


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Scientific Predictions based on 1 st planetary Position

You will have very few close friends. Because it is difficult you to find people whose interests match yours. You have sharp brain. Because of you special character and short-tempered nature others will brand you as an arrogant person, while on the other hand you are pure hearted and sincerely hope not to harm anybody. You are not very brave, but others feel just the opposite. Other will get to know the sweetness of your heart once they are close to you. You will share your secret and grief with your sincere friends You will get closeness from the people of different cross-section of the society. ALL the people close to you may not have good status in Public. You activities are based on your interest only, you do not like outside interference in your activities in any way or shape & from anybody, while you welcome those who take your ventures at heart. Your impatient Nature is your specialty. At times you may snap at people during a disagreement, even at people who've helped you in the past and close friends & relatives are no exception to this. Thus people may often think of you as an ungrateful person. you have special talent to speak about various subjects. You always like getting leadership position in public activities.You will do homework for it. You are pleased by people attending to your wishes & following your directions; the opposite may bother you very much. You will help your associate and close people even with great scarifies and difficulty . You are very proud about you . You may have to face some some false allegations in your life ., Because you have faced more troubles in life others, you will be mature enough to tackle new failures with not much disappointment unlike others. You will not keep over optimism to any thing. And you will not keep your sorrow with you for a along time. In addition, over celebrate your success. You like to see every thing nice and clean and beautiful. You will have to face some problems from your close relatives. The marriage life is not a fully accomplished one. This because of the lower status of your spouse in either education, financial, family, behavioral, health or ideological matters. But if you are wanting to adjust to it, then some problems can avoided.

Scientific Predictions based on 2 nd planetary Position

You are known for their honest nature, high morals, and sincerity. If you turn away from this, then there should be a credible reason for that. However, you will keep regretful for this. You will have inborn talents in literature, music, or in acting. Partnership businesses are not good for you. You will get a lot of offers for it, but being successful in partnership is very difficult. You have a special talent in doing business successfully on your own, so business with partners is not advisable. You should keep away from such associations that are on later days, you have to show gratitude to others for such associations.You are more prone to cheated by somebody because they are always extremely trustful of others. You are always close to others because of sincerity. However, you should not expect a similar attitude from others. Sometimes you will become the friends of two people that the other two people have considerable enmity with each other. You will keep changing your life style according to circumstances. You have extraordinary talent to adapt to new circumstances. You have a good appearance and healthy body. You will give special attention to a good food, attractive dressing, and expensive ornaments. You will have special talent to deposit money. There will be laziness in all aspects of your life. However, you will become very active, if someone is there to encourage you. If you came up to a superior position, then you will become a very good administrator and maintain accounts cleanly. However, you will spend for a luxurious life. You may get popularity and a superior position by unexpected ways. You are very intelligent. You will get a lot of friends easily. You always like to expand your friendship circle. You always like others who will approach others for making friendship. So there will be a starting trouble for this. You will keep your calm and patience, but in some extraordinary situation you will explode surprising others. However, it will be momentary, and you will regain calm. If something adversely happened to influence you, this will turmoil your mind. You like to admire and demand respect from others.You will not try to force your opinion and policies on others. Married life will bring happiness to life. Heart disease, tooth problems will be their major concerns. You will make money through government authorities and friends by their pleasant conversations and tactical moves.")

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