Your Friend Believe in Ghosts?

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PostSun Jun 14, 2009 3:11 am » by Zegtelzegtel

drextin wrote:Some people tell me that i need help
Some people can fuck off and go to hell
God dam why they criticize me
Now shit is on the rise and my family despise me
Fuck em and feed em cuz i don't need em
I won't join em if i can beat em
They don't understand my logic
To my gat, to my money, and i'm hook on chronic.
I never wanted to hurt a nigga
Unless you come flexing that trigger
I'll dig ya that grave on the east side of town
Now your six feet underground
From man to the dust to the ashes
All i remember tell me where the cash is!
Click clack barrel at my dome
Give all your loot or you ain't going home
But i ain't going out on a bang
Wa dada dang wa dada da dang


I'm having illusions all this confusion's
Driving me mad inside
I'm having illusions all this confusion's
Fuckin me up in the mind.

One of my favorite cypress hill songs.

Why do people think it is wrong to want to see something before feeling that it is real? The people who are claiming they know ghosts are real see them or hear them. So why would it be wrong for someone else to want to have the same experience before coming to a conclusion?

If I told you santa clause was real you would demand proof....................right?

DrexDrexDrex.....I saw nobody saying it is was wrong to see something before feeling that its real..its just like that....thats how people are ...(me included)
But dont say its complete bullshit because you never been confrontated with it...I think its really dangerous to play with it..Thats my real point.

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PostThu Jun 18, 2009 9:38 pm » by Purplehaze65

zegtelzegtel wrote:[quote="kurious
It would help persuade me if you had any evidence of your 'spectacular confrontations', this isnt you by any chance is it ? quote]

What is evidence? For me it is no have to open your mind a bit you really believe only what you see? I think that is a bit sad...
I see her and feel strange things at my girls parents house..its an old farm.
You can hear like running kid steps on the attic, doors sometimes dont open anymore for no reason..the faucets starts runing water even with the main supply cut off..
The strange things are not happens like twice every month..or sometimes nothing for months..
Its real Kurious even if you are scared of it..I think it is not the question if but why they are ghosts..
You will see.


doors sometimes dont open anymore for no reason

As you said "it is an OLD farm.".


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