Your ghost stories please.....

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PostWed May 13, 2009 11:28 pm » by Snake Plissken

One of the things i really like about this site is the personal experiences that people share with everyone regarding odd things that have happened to them, its a great source of information and gives me access to all sorts of cases that I might never normally get to hear about.

Just to hone in on one particular topic, does anyne have any personal experiences with ghosts or spirits that they would like to share? Theres nothing more i like than a good ghost story, true or not, so please tell me your experiences. :wink:

Maybe its something that happened to you, or maybe a tale that your parents told you, either way please share...

I,ve seen a few odd things myself, mostly when i was younger, just to get the ball rolling heres one of the odd , what i percieve as ghostly, experiences i have had:

1. I was about 11 years old and had been out and about with my best friend biking around the countryside (at this age i was living in Norfolk, lots of farmland and twisting country roads and some cool forests to throw your BMX around in!), we were heading back home and were travelling down a long country road, surrounded on either side by woodland, pretty much in the middle of no-where (no houses anyway). I had gone on ahead of my friend and as i looked ahead i could see what appeared to be another person on a bicycle about 100 metres further on down the road. They appeared to be wearing a long jacket or coat that was flapping in the wind as they travelled along the lane, i couldnt quite make them out and felt a little odd, i felt as if i had missed something on first glance, like something was not quite right about this person. I squinted to try to get a better look at the figure ahead of me and that was when i noticed that i couldnt actually see a bike wheel or any kind of peddling motion going on, as i tryed to make sense of what i was looking at i realised that waht i was actually seeing was a comletely black figure, dressed, the best as i can describe it as a monk. This figure was travelling at quite a pace and was actually hovwering above the ground by about 20 cm !!

I got goosepimples all over as i looked as this figure ahead, the robes were fling around behind it. I was so shocked i stopped peddling and tryed to focus more on the details of the figure as it continued to move down the road. My friend arrived behind me, at which point i pointed to the figure and forced him to look at thins thing up ahead, he agreed it looked weird, he said he couldnt focus on it peoperly and it appeared fuzzy. Though very scared at this point i started peddling like crazy to cath up with the figure, leaving my friend far behind as i tried to cath up to it (actually hoping i had made a mistake, i really couldnt believe what i was seeing!) i began to gain some distance but as i got closer the figure became harder ro make out it was blurry, fuzzy, it seemed to be in some kind of constant flux, the closer i got the more pronounced this effect seemed.

I had now gotten to withing about 40 metres or so of this thing, suddenly it turned a sharp left down, what i knew having travelled this road many times before, a long uphill lane that lead back to the motorway. As it turned quickly, i thought to myself 'this is it, i know that road is steep and long, whatever it is i will be on top of it in no time once i get around the corner.

I peddled as fast as i could and threw my BMX around to the left and there it was....absolutely nothing.The road was empty, there was no where for this thing to turn off, high fencing all down the side of this road as the land rither side was private property.

There was no way that if it was a person (definitely didnt seem to be one!) they could have made that turning and not been somewhere up ahead without me seeing them. I even rode along this road until i got over the hill to see if there was anyone further on ahead. Definitely not someone on a motorbike, i distincly remember there was no sound, it was so odd to look at this figure, but i came away from it thinking it looked liked someone in long flowing monks robes, but as i said the closer i got the harder it became to focus or make sense of what i was seeing.

So there you are, thats the first of one of my odd ghostly encounters, anyone else got a story to tell? :wink:
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PostWed May 13, 2009 11:29 pm » by Snake Plissken

Sorry about all the spelling mistakes in the above post, i got a bit carried away flashing back to this particular moment of my childhood!!! :oops:
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PostWed May 13, 2009 11:49 pm » by Cornbread714

OK, I was on LSD at the time, so maybe this doesn't count; but LSD, despite its classification as a "hallucinogen", does not normally produce hallucinations, so make of this what you will.

I was mildly tripping (30 years ago, or so) that day, and I was thinking about some wild books and theories I was into at the time, and I was at that moment consciously considering the existence of non-human entities while walking down the street in Austin, Texas.
I happened to look up in the direction I was walking, and saw a figure approaching me on the sidewalk about a block away. Something seemed very strange and disturbing about this "person". I got the distinct feeling that this person was not real and he moved very strangely and gave me the total creeps, then suddenly he wasn't there anymore.
Yes, I was high, but I've done a lot of psychedelic drugs and NEVER had an experience like that.
And that's the closest I ever came to "seeing" a ghost. That's what it felt like, as if it were a ghost.
Who knows, though, I was high...
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PostWed May 13, 2009 11:50 pm » by Theshee

Nice snake, thanks. I always say that who are we to judge what another has seen as real!!! Yeah I have a few, I can explain some of them away rationally but a lot I can't. I posted this on here a little while back
Ive seen many ghosts over the years, maybe they weren't ghosts but thats what I put them down too. None have frightened me apart from the very first. I was 7 years old, I hadn't long been in bed, my mother used to leave the hall light on for myself and my brother. We were in separate bedrooms and were calling out to each other playing eye spy. Above the bedroom doors was a small window that let light into the hallway. I remember giggling thinking my brother will never get what it was I was looking at, I turned over in bed and looked towards my door, my grandmother, grandfather and uncle were in the 'window' at the top of my door waving to me, I could see they were talking, lips moving but I could here no sound only my brother calling out in response to our game. I couldn't understand why I could see the hall light behind them.... I couldn't understand that I could see them yet the door was open and I couldn't see their legs... so yes I almost :censored: myself and hid under the covers lol Realy!!!

Funny thing is, I always thought of that as the first and after I posted it on here I had a memory of my uncle that was in the above story coming to me while I played with my dolls, a couple of weeks before this happened, I was playing on the flour and he was just there, I have no memory of him coming into the room, I looked up because I could smell smoke, not cigarette smoke, like wood burning or something and he was there sitting watching me, he smiled and said everything was alright now, I continued playing and thought nothing of it. I told my Mam later that day and she said I must have imagined it because he hadn't been to the house. A few days after that my Dad was asked to identify the body of my uncle, the police had been trying to trace us as he had died a week before. I had forgotten all about it until I pressed send for that message.. weird. I do think/believe a lot of it can be explained away BUT not all of it. Thanks snake, I enjoyed reading your post!

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PostThu May 14, 2009 1:35 am » by brillbilly

heres a quicky.i missed last bus home from oxford so borrowed a bike
(so to speek )and headed home.i was about 2 mile from home and just heading in to a realy creepy bit of back country road .i have never realy been frightend of the dark but this night was wet and windy.i was just peddling around a bend in the road we i saw wot i thought was some body crouching down it the road just up ahead of me,at that point i hear a sound just like a womans screem.i stopped dead in the road trying to focus on the shape on the road.i was 17 and bloody crapping my pants. in a split second car headlights lit up the road and thats when i saw it.2 foxes.lmao,i got on bike feeling so pumped up and headed past the now empty the scream i was told was a fox in heat,lol :headscratch: :owned: :cheers:
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PostThu May 14, 2009 2:56 am » by Kyo121

Upload to

since we're on ghosts thought that might give someone a laugh.

My only experience with what i could consider "ghostly" experience is when i was young, 9 or 10 i forgot, back when we were still living in the rural area where there was no indoor plumbing and to use the toilet you have to go to the community toilet in middle of nowhere. Needless to say this was a poor country electricity is rare and we were still using oil lamps to get around. Anyway it was around 9-10pm when my sister needed to use the restroom so she had me and my mother accompany her using our one and only flashlight to get there. The toilet was away from town in middle of a rice paddy fields, on our way back we saw someone on the rice paddy and we thought wow someone working so late? but as we get closer we wanted to see who it was, in the rural community everybody know everybody so we thought to say hi. When we got close enough to shine the flashlight on whoever it was there was nothing nobody there, at the time we thought oh well it must have just been our eyes playing tricks, but as we keep walking home i forgot if it was my mother or my sister turn around and we all look and see the figure again on the rice paddy, needless to say we walk a pretty fast pace home afterward. We never saw anything like that again any night after that so if it was an illusion it was a one time thing.

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PostThu May 14, 2009 7:56 am » by Snake Plissken

Thanks amigos, great stories! :D

Shee,good to hear from you, your story reminds me of one my grandmother told me about seeing her father at the window of her bedroom, long after he had died, weird!! :wink:

Heres one of my other odd encounters:

2. I never knew my father, no one ever spoke about him, never mentioned his name, luckily i am quite a resourcefull geezer and i tracked him down when i was about 14. Turns out he is a great bloke and the problem lied with the folks i was living with, but thats another story.

Anyway, once i had found him, he asked if i would like to come and stay with him for the weekend, this was a great idea, although a little bit daunting as i would be meeting the whole side of the family that i had no idea about.

He lived in a large house with lots of spare rooms, so it would be no problem for me to stay.

My father made me feel very welcome and i had a great time learning about everybody in the family, we stayed up for ages talking about things, finally we decided to call it a night and went off to bed. My father showed to the spare room at the top of the stairs and went off to get some sleep.

I noticed that the room i was staying in seemed to have been converted and that there was a tiny door about 2 feet high in one of the walls for access to the remaining loftspace, this struck me as a little creepy, but i was tired so i didnt give it much thought. As i layed in bed i felt myself slowly drifting off to sleep, then i found myself suddenly awake again, i looked over at the clock and saw it was about 2 hours later, about 3 in the morning.

As i lay awake i started to hear whistling, one of those cheery little whistles with no paticular tune, it was very faint but i could definitely hear it. I laid listening to the whistle wondering who was still awake. I must explain that the only people in the house were me, my Father and his wife. The whistle seemed to be getting louder, then i started to hear footsteps. I could hear some one walking very slowly up the stairs. They were made of wood and creaked with everystep, as did all the floorboards on the landing outside my room. It was at this point that i began to feel a little scared, the footsteps and the whisling were getting closer with every step as my room was at the top of the stairs.!!

I layed listening to every step as it got closer, finally the steps were just outside my door at the top of the stairs, then everything stopped, no whistling, no footsteps, nothing. I layed paralysed listening for any sound, as there was no way anyone could walk around on the landing without making a noise. but still nothing, i must have stayed awake for as long as i could but eventually i fell back to sleep and the next thing i knew it was morning.

The next day i said nothing, i didnt want my Father to think i was weird or anything, i had just met him!! He exlained that him and his wife were going to have to go out to take care of some business (they had their own business and were very busy), i actually found the whole meeting my Dad for the first time thing a bit overhwealming and really fwelt liek having a bit of time to myself so i agreed to stay in the house while they went out to do what they had to do.

After they left i chilled out watching TV and playing music, gave my Mum a call to let her know how things were going and generally relaxed a bit. A few hours went by and i was sitting in the living room watching TV. The front door to the house was just off of this room as was the kithchen. I walked into the kitchen to make a cup of tea, as i was waiting for the kettle to boil i heard the front door open and looked through the living room to the front door to see someone walk quickly past the living room door. I yelled out 'hi' and asked if anyone wanted a cup of tea thinking it was my father, but no one answered. I shouted again but nobody answered me. I thought maybe my Father had just run in and gone straight to the bathroom (you know whats its like if your driving and you really need a piss!!), so i carried on making tea, waiting for him to appear, 10 minutes went past, nothing happened, not a sound in the house. At this point i was a bit confused so i went to the bathroom door, it was closed and i kncked and asked if my Father was ok, i listened for a reply but heard nothing. I pushed the door and found it was open, inside the bathroom was empty!

By now i was a little freaked and went to check the front door. It was still locked from the inside, the keys in the lock. Outside the drive was empty. I knew that i saw someone walk past the door earlier, so now i was really freaked out. The only way i would be happy was to go and check everyroom in this large and unfamiliar house for whoever i had seen!

Cautiously i checked every room, it was like something out of a horror movie, every door i opened i wodered what i was going to find. eventually i had checked the whole house, nobody was home! I went back downstairs and sat in the living room wondering what had just happened, i watched a little TV to distract myself , about 20 minutes later i started to hear the whislting again coming from upstairs, very faint but definitely their, i started to head towards the stairs when suddenly i heard a car pull up in the driveway, my father was home!

Again, i didnt want to seem odd so i didnt say anything. Later that night we were talking and i decided to tell my father what had happened, he listened and nodded, then he told me that when they bought this house they had learned that its former occupant was an old man who had actually died in the house. My father said he to had heard a few odd noises and seen flashes of things out of the corner of his eye as well!!!

Later i met some cousins who had told me they were always scared to sleep in this house as they heard things too, they said that one night they had awoken to find one of the little access hatches has been unlocked and opened in the night and since then they always asked to sleep downstairs!!

Weirdly that night i felt a lot happier going to sleep int hat room once i knew what i had heard the previous night.Later in the night i heard the whisling again, but no footsteps, i felt a feeling of immense calm and had a trouble free nights sleep! :wink:

So theres story number two, more to come, anyone else?
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PostThu May 14, 2009 8:20 am » by Drjones

I posted my own ghost experience on the disclose member details topic... :flop:

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PostThu May 14, 2009 10:38 am » by Robsonsdad

This is one from my sister in law in Scotland.
Her grandson was told by his parents never to go into their bedroom and never to go down stairs if he got up early in the morning,one morning when his mother came out of her bedroom he was sat at the top of the stairs,she asked him what he was sat there for,he said "You told me not to go down stairs" So she said"That's a good lad" and he said "You told me not to go in your room but why are those other people allowed in?" she said "What people?" He said"All those people just come out of the spare room and go into your room" She looked at him funny and said "What do they look like" He said" Just people" She said "What type of clothes do they have on?" He said "Old fashioned clothes" She got some books and found some pictures of people and he pointed out that the clothes where from about the 1900s. she asked him if he was scared and he said he wasn't so she just left at that,apparently he sees them all the time and it doesn't bother him at all.The sister in law shivers when he tells her about them. The kid is 5 now but he started seeing them when he was about 3 years old.
How can a child of that age make that up, he doesn't know what ghosts are?

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PostThu May 14, 2009 10:56 am » by Kurious

This isn't my opinion but I thought I'd present some recent scientific research I heard about a while ago -

Since scientists generally tend not to believe in anything that cannot be explained, like the supernatural happenings, some of them have embarked on the mission of proving the (non-)existence of ghosts and other Poltergeist phenomena. Believing that the source of spectral sights or other cases of abnormal presences lies in the perturbation of the human brain by external factors, such as electromagnetic fields (EMFs) or low-frequency sounds, the scientists set out to prove their theory.

Michael Persinger, a neuroscientist from the Laurentian University in Sudbury, Ontario, Canada, thinks that electrical equipments, from power grids to clock radios, somehow affect human imagination via their generated EMFs. There was a case of a 17-year-old girl who suffered a small form of brain damage when she was born, and who claimed she was being regularly visited by the Holy Spirit at night. Next to her headboard, 10 inches (25 cm) from her head, there was a clock radio. When Persinger removed it, the visits ceased.

Relying on the same premise, a psychologist at Goldsmiths, University of London College in London, Christopher French, developed a “haunted” room, in order to test the impact of EMF and infrasound on human imagination. He had EMF pulses up to 50 microteslas, as well as infrasound waves generated in the room, and invited 79 people – previously tested in regard to their beliefs and imagination – to spend some time there. Unfortunately, the experiment couldn't prove beyond all doubt that the sightings and abnormal manifestations were linked to EMFs or infrasound.

“Most people reported at least some slightly odd sensation, such as a presence or feeling dizzy, and some reported terror, which we hadn't expected,” shared French. “People are mistaking their attribution, feeling a product of their own mental processes as something that's taking place in the real world. Anything that can lead to making your mental events more similar to events that take place – a vivid imagination, for example – will make it more difficult to distinguish between the two.” It would be funny, though, if one day a ghost would switch off the EMF-generating computer of a dazzled French, claiming it made its teeth ache.

Source -


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