your personal ufo sightings

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Share if u like. I will start. Couple yrs back while at work an older guy who liked to bs about everything came inside the trailor where I was and siad there is about 15 ufos in the sky come see. I laughed at him and told him to piss off. But when I went outside cause others was saying wtf. There in the sky was a dozen or so red glowing hovering objects.they seemed stationary and one by 1 vanished. I have no clue how far the was. It was above lake eerie one of the great lakes. That summer I witeness 3 other experiences with those. 2 yr ago I just got off work and came home 1030pm. My nieghbors was saying wtf is that as I looked up I seen a huge white saucer followed by 3 more dipping from the sky to the groun and back up at a speed that u knew we could not do. They followed same path. My sister called me and said u r not going to believe what we seen. Well I have a very very multi sighting. I'm drawn to the sky. I stare for hrs sometimes. When I'm away from the sity I will do this a lot. Back in the 90s my friends decided to go to the sleeping bear sand dunes. Time was about1am. There was5 of us. 2 went off doing there own thing and 1 was laying on a hill staring up at the sky. My frined and I was walking. And we seen what looked like a dying down campfire. So we walked up and down massive sand dunes to go see. Earlier we ran into a couple screwing and took off running leaving there clothes behind. So we though wed get lucky. But anyways. After we walked a good 20min and started going up hill (the ligh disappeared going down) as we got to the top we froze. There was a disk shape abject with a red amber light under it floating about 10ft up(guessing) from the ground. It was maybe 200ft away at the most. We looked at the 3 abjects that apeared to be walking to us and looked at each other. This repeated 3x when I looked back at him he was gone. So I ran, I ran fast as fk(sand in shoes and all) he was barefoot. I screamed his name. No anser. Some how I found my way back to the enterance. I stopped(alone) took off 1 shoes dumped out mass sand then I heard what sounded like chains. I put it back on and started to run again with sand in the other shoe. I tracked down the van we came in throughh the woods. This whole time I heard chains in the woods. I never was so scared before. Ever. I got back and ran ontop of the van yelling and being pissed he left me. He just laughed. Now we didn't talk for some yrs. And when I ran into him. We noticed the we had missing time. When I looked at him he was gone. He said wehen he looked at me I was gone. Wtf????? Creepy. And sleep paralise my ass. 3am is the time it happens. Well. Your up

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