Yuz Asaf a prince and a prophet (Kashmir)

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Jesus Died in Kashmir?

Kashmiri oral and written tradition reveal the sojourn of a man, Yuz Asaf, from the Holy Land . He is described as both a prince and a prophet to the people of Kashmir.

Some claim that Yuz Asaf and Jesus Christ are one and the same individual

The Tomb of Yuz Asaf


read the books of Nicolai Notovich "The Secret Life of Jesus", "Life After the Crucifixion" from Suzanna Olsson and the "The Lost Years of Jesus" from Elizabeth Claire Prophet,
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PostWed Feb 01, 2012 9:36 am » by Sorga

please if all else put the past coming of our great lord deep in the past were it belongs and focus on the undeniable second coming of which you are astutely privileged to bear witness too.

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PostWed Feb 01, 2012 10:02 am » by Bandanko

I have actually read a book about this. While out here in India waiting for a plane i was browsing in an airport bookstore when I came across a book called "Jesus was buddhist"

I picked it up and read it on the plane and contiuned to read it when i got home. It is packed with loads of useful information (and a complete shit about the Turin shroud).

there is a record of a guy coming from the west called Issus (the muslim name for Jesus) and he stayed at the Hemis temple in Kashmir.

he got into trouble with the local Brahmins (Teacher and priest caste) for teaching the population their secrets (shit he did in the west later). he was regarded by the monks at the Hemis temple as GREATER than Boddisthava. he was really wel respected and well loved

there is also a bit about how he used the yoga techniques to slow his body functions down to the point where he appeared to be dead. then used the same techniques to heal the damage over the next three days. then he came back and lived till he was about 80 in the north of Kashmir.

when I get home I'll post the name of the book, as i dont remember it :flop:

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