My Ghost Story...

  • Posted Apr 26, 2012 at 12:31 PM clock

    I had a couple of instances during my high school year. One of my closest friends had 2 little sisters that had died at different times. 1 died when she was an infant and the other died (in the bath tub) when she was 8 years old. When I met him, in the 7th grade, he had a little sister, but she was adopted - I didn't know this at first. There was a family portrait in the living room with his family and his deceased sister, but I always thought it was "Joy", the sister I knew. Anyway, he lived a couple of houses up from me, and we carpooled to school from the 7th grade through high school. The first time I spent the night at his house (7th grade) we were sleeping on his screened in back porch. It was around 1 a.m. and we were up watching the TV before the station signed off for the night (remember those days?). I went inside to use the restroom, and it was dark but not pitch black. I didn't close the bathroom door, neither did I turn on the light. As I exited the bathroom I heard what sounded like a wimper or a very soft crying coming from the bath tub. It startled me slightly, but immediately my mind defined it as Joy must have been sleep walking and was in the tub. So, I told my friend and he checked on her, only to find her asleep in her bed (which was Starla's old room). It was at this point that he told me about his sister passing away in the bathroom. Evidently her mother had started her bath for her, and she got in and her heart stopped, she then slipped under the water. My friend told me that his mother had witnessed Starla before on a few occasions, but that nobody else in the family ever had. Fast forward to the high school years. At that point my friends family had put in a large in-ground swimming pool and a stand-alone 2 car garage with an apartment on the 2nd floor which my friend turned into his bedroom/livingroom. One summer his parents and little sister had gone to Myrtle Beach, he stayed home, and as was always the case, a few of us were there spending the night. During one of the days, his girlfriend (who later in life became my lawyer during my divorce from my first wife), was sunning herself by the swimming pool. A quick summer afternoon thunderstorm rolled through so she went inside to make sure the TV was turned off. It was at that time she claimed to see a "wet naked little girl laying in the bathroom floor". This girl was not someone prone to exaggeration or someone you would know as even being interested in things of the bizarre. The very next summer, the same type scenario took place. The family was back at Myrtle Beach, a few of us were spending the night up in the apartment. We were sharing a 12 pack of beer (between 4 of us). My friends GF was downstairs in the kitchen making some spaghetti (noodles and Ragu). It was the middle of the night, when she abruptly entered the room where we were upstairs and asked one of my other friends if he would please come down stairs with her. She was crying. Immediately, another friend and I figured she had seen Starla again. A little while later my friend Bryant confirmed that. She didn't want to talk about it at the time, but after a little while of calming down she did. She said that she was standing at the sink rinsing out the noodles and when she turned, she saw Starla (the little girl in the family portrait) standing in the door separating the living room and the kitchen. She said she was just looking at her and that she had the very slightest hint of a smile. She said they made eye contact before she simply was no longer there. The next morning my other friend Richard and I did our very first ghost hunt. It was around 11 a.m. This was WAY before ghost hunting was popular or we had even heard of such a thing, so we just made it up as we went along. We stood in the infamous front bathroom. I had drawn a pentagram on a piece of Mead notebook paper. We held it and asked if Starla was there and if she had something to say. We got the feeling (and it has been talked about many times on popular ghost shows) that the room became very "thick". I can't really explain it other than to say that the air was thick, like water. The sensation was somewhat numbing almost. I have always had what I consider a psychic sense, but not a very strong one, not one that I have ever refined but a natural one nonetheless, so I may be sensitive to these types of things, however, my friend that was with me witnessed this feeling as well. After a moment everything went back to normal, and the sense of anxiety that accompanied the sensation went away too. We took the piece of notebook paper and started walking through the house. We picked up the same feeling when we entered the formal living room (you know the living room that the family never sits in, it's the area just off from the front door for when company or strangers drop by). Anyway, just like before, the sensation subsided. It felt to both of us at this point, that we must be chasing her through the house. We started going down the hall to Joy's room (Starla's old bedroom). The closer we got to that room, the heavier the feeling got - to an extreme. Personally, I could not get within 10 feet of the room, my friend went all the way to the door. To me the feeling got so heavy that I felt I was about to pass out. I backed up to gather my senses, and my friend regrouped. We were standing back on the other end of the hall at this point, and I was explaining to him what I had just felt, it was as this point a very quick rushing sensation went between us. We both looked, simultaneously, into the family room. I said "did you just get the feeling" and my friend ended the sentence, "that someone just walked right in between us". I can only describe the feeling like this. The air being thick and numb, like water, add onto that the feeling of 2 magnets repelling from each other - that invisible force that when you have 2 magnets in your tigers trying to push them together and they won't attract. That is the closest I can get. We stopped our "investigation" at that point and decided to spend the night downstairs in the family room that night. There were 5 of us. Bryant slept in his old bedroom, leaving the rest of us. He had never seen or felt anything, had only heard his mother's and our testimonies, and he wasn't the slightest bit apprehensive about seeing anything if it were to ever happen - which it never did for him. After Bryant went to bed we stayed up talking about it. One of the guys got so afraid he had to go home - it was the middle of the night. We had to walk him out to his car and stand in the drive way while he backed out. That left 3 of us. We decided to sleep on the floor, next to each other. Nothing at all had happened up to this point. We were all laying on our backs, facing the same direction, getting ready to nod off, yet still talking just a bit. At this point a light pulsed in the room. It was about the size of a basketball; about 1 foot off the ceiling and 2 feet from the wall. I was looking directly at it when it happened. I can only explain the light as appearing to have life. For instance, the difference in turning a light switch off and on, between what a firefly looks like when it's tail lights up. It looked more like the fire fly. There was no apparent source for the light. It only happened once, and it was shocking. The weird thing too was, as happens so many times I would later learn, we all just tried to explain it away, then went off to sleep. Quite the contrary actions for 3 people that had just witnessed something so bizarre. The next instance is even crazier. I'm not sure exactly when this happened, but it was some years after those instances. I was dropped off at Bryant's by some other friends. He was not home (nobody was home) it was the middle of the day. I would NEVER go into the house by myself, but I had never been afraid to go upstairs in the apartment over the garage as it was not actually connected to the house, and it was broad daylight. Inside, there were very thick curtains on a large double window in between 2 beds. The curtains totally blocked out the sunlight. They were parted by about 2 inches, so there was a very bright shaft of light beaming into an otherwise very dim room. I sat on one of the beds and was smoking a cigarette. As I exhaled, I blew the smoke toward the shaft of light. It made a very interesting swirl pattern as it hit the light. If you have ever been to a concert and seen lasers with smoke swirling in them, that is the effect I am talking about. As I did this, I tried to focus on the smoke on the other side of the beam of light. It appeared to go through it, and swirl into a ball. At that point it looked like it would circulate into a ball and then drift back towards me. As I watched this I noticed the ball of smoke seemed to take a form. It turned into a giant fist. As this fist drifted back towards me it would open up and a would be an open hand - palm up - drift by my face. As I continued to watch, i noticed fingernails, lines in the "skin" everything. I was petrified. I could not even get off the bed and go 15 feet to the door to get out of there. I was scared stiff. Needless to say I didn't blow another puff of smoke. There was a phone next to the bed (rotary dial). I called the friend that had "chased" the sensation through the house with me, and explained what I was witnessing. It took that for me to break the fear hold and burst out of there. Since that day I have never been in any room of that house without someone else. And I don't think I could even now. Fast forward. The year was 1994, I was married and my son had been born. Up until this point I had been working at an advertising agency in Spartanburg and my commute took an hour to and from work. I got a job closer to home at the local weekly newspaper, The Tribune Times, building ads and laying out the pages of the paper. It was not the ideal job or pay, but it was only a few miles from my house. There was a little old lady that worked with me, she was a proof reader. Her career had been as an English teacher and she was meticulous. She was the salt of the earth type, her and her husband both. Very southern and very Christian. They did not own a television - they never cared for one. The little lady's name was "Exie". We called her Sexy or Sexy Exie as a pet name. Sweetest lady you could know. She and her husband both passed away years ago. At some point I had told her of the experiences we had at Bryant's house. She relayed to me an experience she and her husband had that yielded proof, which I was lucky enough to hold in my hands. The story went like this… She and her husband had some land behind their house which contained an old house they used for storage. This old house was the house that her husband had grown up in. The time had come when they wanted to clear the land and demolish the house. They called in the local fire department to have a controlled burn. Evidently that is a normal thing to do in some instances, I had never heard of it. Anyway, during the burn, the husband took pictures of the event. There were picks of the firefighters standing around and the house burning from start to finish, etc. It was in 2 pictures that you can clearly see a woman standing in one of the windows looking out. In one picture she was fuzzy and translucent, but in another she was much more well defined. She was wearing a light blue blouse it appeared (though you could only see her from the midsection up). She had dark hair which was pulled back off her face. You could not make out any distinct features on her face. Nobody ever saw the lady during the burning. As well, this was before digital cameras. The pictures were taken on a standard 35mm camera and the film developed at a local facility. This woman was Exie's husband's mother. He brought the pictures up to my work one day and showed them to me. At the time I did scan them into the computer, but I have long since lost the scans - what I would do to still have those pictures. Maybe one day I will get off my ass and try to track down next of kin or something to see if they are still around. Those are my "ghost" experiences. I have had many more occurrences of the bizarre, which would fall into maybe paranormal - not sure, but these are the ones I attribute to the ghost phenomenon. As I said I believe that I have some innate psychic ability which has never been focused, yet still works in spite of me. This ability has manifested itself in other ways from feeling energy, to psychokinesis, "knowing", astral projection/extreme visualization and to even a full scale visitor experience. All these things have been life long, but they were most active during my mid teens through my early twenties. I guess that is why I am so adamant about God. Because I use to be on the fence, then agnostic. These things were the equivalent to pulling the rug of security out from under my feet. The knowledge that we can barely perceive all that is actually around us, and that these things can interact with us and have an impact on our immediate environment , made me a believer in a divine being. And I do believe that divine being is aware of each of us, and cares for each of us. I think that divine being has made it evident to me personally that He/She/It cares for me, regardless of what I have done. And it is my hope that everyone enjoy a relationship with that being. To me, God is the only thing stable in this chaotic experience we call life.