Entertainment Industry Insider.............connections to 9/11

  • Posted Apr 18, 2012 at 6:10 PM clock

    So people, we seem to have a problem, and the problem is the source of all corruption in the US, and a good deal of the corruption in the World at this time, fueled from the American Govt and its higher echelons, its associations in the International Telecommunications Industry, and the boards of oversight, governed by idiots, who overlook there sole responsibilities as Americans and regulators of the corruption of the Industry, in pursuit of flagrantly and outwardly worthless performances. The unknown technological resource that the American Entertainment Industry has hijacked from the developers, and has continually denied the existence the point of fabrication of lies, illusions, and a grandiose delusion that we are being led to believe in............ Ladies and Gentleman........I give you "The Machine"......and an insider report as to the nature of the happenins in Manhattan, under of the direction of Union Local 1 of the International Alliance of Theatrical Stage Employees (IATSE) ............and how their oblivious state of mind, towards the recognition of this development, and the parties involved in the Industry, has become a state of Deliberate Indifference towards the destruction of a Nation, and the dominance over the affairs of many International Alliance affiliations. I am the founder and owner of BLUE.....This is my tale of extortion, racketeering, threats, and attacks concerning my life's work, and the progress that has been stalled on behalf of these Privateer's intentions to control, monopolize, and manipulate the general public through selective programming agendas, both researched and actively implemented, upgraded, and regulated as an "Industry Owned" technology.