I live in Pa. My Interests that I am active in Weight-lifting, Plants, Ancient Oriental Design and Text, Ancient History, Writing, Science, Family, Computers, Painting, Philosophy, Meditation, Martial-Arts, Nature, and Psychology. I own, designed and run the web site \\\"The Temple of Enki\\\" at http://templeofenki.bravehost.com I also attend Kaplan University where I am getting my Bachelor\\\'s degree in Psychology and am a member of the Honors Society there. I like games such as Quake, Halo, Star-Wars, Hulk and racing games. My greatest passion is the research into the True history of humanity and for humanity to realize and achieve full potential as beings of light. Also, my work in pulling away the veil of deception that has been implemented by religion to keep control of this information, as it is the rite of all!


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