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  • Ghost65#

    Ghost65 wrote September 17, 2012 1:34:06 AM CEST

    the pope is a false prophet, he,s another one that worships lucifer, just look in the vatican notice the enverted crosses , and the freemason signs, its all there in the vatican if you look / look at the wealth the vatican has . its even classed as its own country, they have so much money , there not doing gods work , if they where they would be helping the sick the poor etc etc, but no they collect wealth lie and cheat, and abuse children , thats not the work of god or jesus ,but the work of the devil, if i had my choice id shot the nazi pope in his head , but that will make me no better than him, so ill leave it for god to judge him . loody lieing nazi that he is,,,,,, had to say something coz i can,t stand the nazi git i can see the evil in him just looking into his eyes well you never know he may end up having a red hot poker up his arse when he burns in hell, peace be with you