10 Top Secret US Military Intelligence Projects

Project Secret Drone –

I just finished looking at a new book on the background of Area 51 – the super secret American military base located in Nevada. The book is titled “Area 51 – An Uncensored History of The usa’s Leading Secret Military Base” by Annie Jacobsen. Ms. Jacobsen manages to uncover by no means just before released facts about the little comprehended secret goings on at Location fifty one. There are ample secret assignments talked about in the book to do 5 or six lists. It’s incredible what researchers, engineers, the military and intelligence businesses will do when they have unrestricted budgets, little to no accountability and every thing they do is stored top rated secret. And remember, these are the projects we know of (or feel we know of). Imagine what goes on at Region 51 that we do not know, and almost certainly never ever will know.

Project Nutmeg has historical significance simply because it was the leading-secret project that gave birth to the Nevada Check and Coaching Array. Prior to screening atomic products on US soil, nuclear bombs were examined in the Pacific Ocean at what was referred to as the Pacific Proving Grounds. Whilst this afforded the US a remote (and enormous) area to examination secret atomic gadgets, the expense involved in sending men, elements and equipment fifty percent way all around the entire world, was staggering. America felt it had to locate someplace safe, but inside its borders that was fairly close to where most atomic experts have been operating at that time (this sort of as Los Alamos, New Mexico). Project Nutmeg was authorized by the President to locate these kinds of an region. An excellent location was a region of desolate desert that had been a wildlife reservation. This area also had the advantage of currently obtaining a landing strip nearby, left over from military instruction exercises during WWII. The picked site in Nevada became 687 square miles of authorities-managed land, and what we know today as the Nevada Exam Site (of which Spot fifty one is the most effectively know, and most secret, parcel of land).

This project began sometime in the late 1960’s and concerned some of the first remote managed aircraft experiments that would afterwards turn out to be the Predator drones that are operating in the Center East, today. It was a 6-foot remote managed drone developed to look like an eagle or buzzard in flight. It carried a television digicam in the nose, as nicely as sensors and digital surveillance gear.

The project started as an attempt to check out a mysterious watercraft the Soviet Union had made and was noticed screening (by satellite reconnaissance) on the Caspian Sea (that they later on nicknamed the Caspian Monster). The project remains classified today, but a British documentary uncovered what is believed to have been the focus on for the Aquiline drone – a Soviet hydrofoil named Ekranopian. The Aquiline drone was created to track in on its target subsequent established communication lines in international countries, and be launched from a submarine. The Aquiline drone was built and examined (it crash landed frequently) but the CIA at some point canceled the program.

Related to the Aquiline project, this was another try by the CIA to mimic the animal kingdom in the development of remote managed plane. Project Ornithopter concerned a birdlike drone intended to mix in with nature by flapping its wings. Another even smaller drone was developed to look like a crow that would land on window ledges and photograph, through the window, what was heading on inside of the building. Project Insectothopter took the concept to an even smaller sized animal – a drone developed to look like a dragonfly. Insectothopter was a green drone that flapped wings operated by miniature gas engines.

Not satisfied with mimicking mom nature – the CIA also utilized actual animals to do surveillance, which includes pigeons with “pigeon-cams” attached to their necks. Regrettably, the birds had been exhausted out by the extra bodyweight of the cameras and returned to the CIA base on foot – too fatigued to fly (the project was abandoned). Maybe the strangest project of all was Project Acoustic Kitty, which put acoustic listening gadgets on family cats. That project was abandoned when the cats strayed too much off goal searching for foodstuff, and one was run over by a automobile.

This was a “safety test” performed at the Nevada Exam Site to simulate what would happen if an airplane carrying an atomic bomb crashed and released radioactive content into the environment. In this way, Project fifty seven would become America’s first “dirty bomb” experiment. Experts theorized that the detonation of the large explosives bordering a nuclear warhead (but that did not initiate a complete chain reaction) would release plutonium into the environment. But they did not know for particular, nor did they know how considerably plutonium would be released, how far the plutonium would travel, etc ( via listverse.com ).

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