$5 for a Gallon of Gas? It Could Be a Reality in 2012

Gallon Gas

Could you envision paying five bucks for a gallon of gas? The president of Shell Gasoline warns that could occur by the finish of 2012.

Although neighborhood specialists can't forecast the potential, they can shed some light on why rates are growing now at a time when need is normally at its yearly low.

With every single swipe of the credit card and every plunge of the nozzle, drivers are cringing at what they see on the price tag-meter.

"For the duration of the holiday season, as well. It's about 20 p.c, 20 cents a gallon more," Howard Ormond explained.

"I am retired, on a fixed earnings. We have had no boost of course in our social security for the last two years. So expenses are heading up for all of us,” Bill Ventura said ( via wtvr.com ).

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