Alien Bodies? The Secret of a Place called Dugway

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The UFO Iconoclast(s): IS THIS Where ALIEN BODIES ARE Stored? THE Secrets and techniques OF A Place Referred to as DUGWAY by Anthony Bragalia

IS THIS In which ALIEN BODIES ARE Saved? THE Techniques OF A Place Named DUGWAY by Anthony Bragalia

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In Utah’s remote western desert spans a military set up greater than the State of Rhode Island. In spite of this immense dimensions, its identify would not register with most of the public. Its said mission is to produce defenses in opposition to chemical, radiological and biological assaults upon the United States. But modern investigation has uncovered an unacknowledged objective that might well be of cosmic relevance. Reports of shutdowns, odd incidents and UFO sightings at the base abound. A telling link has been discovered to this facility and a federal government contractor known to have been concerned in secret UFO and crash particles review. And in an astonishing admission made before his current demise, a higher-stage Wright Patterson official confessed that this is the spot in which alien corpses are held...

This is a place known as Dugway.

WHAT IS Really Heading ON AT DUGWAY?


Proven in 1942, Dugway Proving Grounds is a facility in service to all branches of the US military (and probably to its intelligence organizations.) It is strategically surrounded by three massive mountain ranges. Its huge but hidden measurement -and its secure, remote isolation- make it an ideal area for secret “testing” of numerous types. In reality it is speculated that Dugway has examined the purposes and results of every recognized biological, chemical and radiological substance on earth. Linked to this, Dugway has a lengthy history of local issue about the hazardous results of their screening of lethal “agents” (including open air screening) to the environment and to human and animal health. As recently as last month, the facility was put below “lockdown” due to the supplied clarification by Dugway that a vial of an “extremely poisonous nerve agent” went lacking and was afterwards retrieved.

Most who work at Dugway are not mindful of all of the pursuits, plans and services (which includes underground) that are there. They could not possibly have accessibility to all of the locations of an set up the dimensions of a state. That mentioned, from the inside it is reported that Dugway appears instead mundane, even somewhat deserted. And most do not actually report any unique “strangeness.” But digging deeper, one sees issues most unusual…

Dugway is not meant to be a spot in which the development of innovative military craft takes place. That is not element of their publicly said “mission.” Dugway isn’t intended to be an “Area 51.” But sightings, movie and pictures of Unidentified Flying Objects all around Dugway are being logged with escalating frequency. Unusual aero-forms have been seen zipping through the skies over and close to the Dugway installation by several credible witnesses for a lot of years ( via ).

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