'Alien' and 'floating orb' filmed in the Amazon rain forest

UFO Footage Brazilian Alien

A photograph which purportedly shows an alien lurking in the Amazon is becoming place forward as evidence that there is supernatural exercise on earth.

The footage was evidently captured by two British vacationers browsing the Mamaus region of the Brazilian rainforest (Photo: Barcroft)

The picture, which displays an unidentified currently being standing with its back arched a handful of feet from a what seems like a floating orb of light behind a group of youngsters, was apparently taken from video clip footage captured by two British visitors visiting the Mamaus region of the Brazilian rainforest.

The video was acquired by noted paranormal author Mike Cohen, who claims the region is identified for its 'intense UFO activity'.

He stated: 'This is hugely compelling footage that will be difficult to discredit ( via metro.co.uk ).

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