Amazing photo of whale shark navigating under yacht is real

Shark Whale Heinrichs Shawn

A superb and unique photograph featuring a gigantic whale shark just under a yacht created a lot of buzz on the internet, especially on Facebook (see photo below).

Many folks expressed their doubts regarding the originality of the image because not much details about it had been given at first.

But now, Shawn Heinrichs, the guy who snapped the photo, stepped forward to shed light on this aspect. Heinrichs claims that the “yacht-above-shark” picture is authentic and was taken several days ago at Isla Mujeres in Mexico.

Shawn Heinrichs photo of a whale shark passing beneath a yacht at Isla Mujeres, turned viral

Moreover Shawn – a diver and photographer – gave further details on his close encounter with the magnificent whale shark. “This is the place of the world’s largest whale shark aggregations,” he revealed in Facebook message. “Hundreds have been spotted in this particular location.”

How was the image taken? Heinrichs explains:

“The water was still that day and the whale shark encounters were off the charts. I saw the sharks passing close to our boat so I swam back and waited. To get a shot like this requires a lot of technical know-how and experience because focusing on an object above and below the water at the same time is challenging ( via ).

“Also, getting the horizon line level and water off the lens is an exercise in patience and determination. Go for it and see what comes up.”

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