Anonymous: Massive UFO Prank On The Way

UFO Ufo Anonymous Group

Anonymous is in the midst of organizing a globe extensive prank, this time, targeting UFO fanatics and effectively…almost absolutely everyone else.

If you aren’t familiar with who Anonymous is, then let me speedily fill you in. Anonymous is the name of an online group of individuals that appear from all walks of life and stand for social justice. Online or offline. This group of people are made up of ‘hacktivists’ and the curious. But in addition to the political element, they also do factors for the “lulz”. Meaning that the group of gifted anonymous consumers like to stage large elaborate pranks.

Operation UFO is one of their most up-to-date pranks. On Could 22nd, 2011 at around 8:00 pm EST the operation is set to start. The system is easy, flood UFO internet sites with fake reports of  a triangular UFO. Then just sit back and look at the world go nuts. LOL.

Is it childish? Of course. Is it amusing? Of course.

I think we’re turning out to be a culture that is turning out to be dangerously to dependent on technological innovation. I was at a bar the other night time and seen that nearly everybody in the bar was using photographs of themselves utilizing their cellphones and uploading them to Facebook. Chatting online and exploring is the new thing to do I guess. Given that virtually every single American is so dependent on the web for their daily dose of news, celebrity mishaps and knowledge, it’s straightforward to see how this can be detrimental.

On the early morning on Could 23rd, let’s see what key news websites commence to report these phony UFO sightings as the actual issue. How a lot of do you assume will tie them to Obama possibly disclosing UFO files? How many will make a connection with UFOs and terrorism? FOX News….I’m counting on you for that.

So, sit back and view the UFO world go insane on May possibly 23rd ( via ).

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