'Anonymous' Warns NATO: 'This Is No Longer Your World'

Nato Anonymous Report Group

NATO has poked the bear of the web (which responded by announcing that it’s in fact a hydra).

Anthropomorphic confusion apart, a NATO security report about “Anonymous”—the mysterious “hacktivist” group accountable for assaults on MasterCard, Visa, PayPal, Amazon and, most recently, Sony—has led the underground group to reply by cautioning NATO, “This is no lengthier your globe. It is our planet – the individuals’s planet.”

NATO’s report, issued last month, warned about the growing tide of politically-determined cyberattacks, singling out Anonymous as the most refined and high-profile of the identified hacktivist teams:

“Today, the ad hoc international group of hackers and activists is explained to have countless numbers of operatives and has no set principles or membership. It continues to be to be observed how significantly time Anonymous has for pursuing this kind of paths. The more time these assaults persist the far more likely countermeasures will be designed, applied, the groups will be infiltrated and perpetrators persecuted,” the report examine, also inquiring, “Can one invoke Article 5 of the Washington Treaty after a cyber attack? And what reaction mechanisms really should the Alliance employ against the attacker? Really should the retaliation be minimal to cyber means only, or must standard military strikes also be deemed?”

In response, Anonymous issued a lengthy statement (Google-cached edition the site is possessing server issues at present) that claims, in portion:

“We do not would like to threaten anybody’s way of life. We do not would like to dictate something to anybody. We do not desire to terrorize any nation.

We simply want to get rid of power from vested interests and return it to the individuals – who, in a democracy, it must never ever have been taken from in the first put ( via techland.time.com ).

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